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Need some assistance from the Hivemind

Cosplay Cosplay Prop Helmet Nintendo Nintendo Switch

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So I am starting a process on a cosplay that I am creating from a design, from a company in Thailand. They have given me permission to create the cosplay. I am planning to make almost everything out of EVA foam which is my favorite material. The only component I want to 3d print is the helmet. I have spent countless hours on Thingiverse looking for a good helmet to use but to no avail. I am not that great at 3d modeling yet to take a crack at this myself. So if any of you out there are willing to create this helmet for me or know of one that would fit this cosplay I would love to hear about it. Attached is the design that was created from the company and my main reference photo. The biggest issue I'm finding is getting a helmet with the eyes looking like the photo. I plan to use a yellow mesh and maybe even yellow acrylic with lights to make them work I just need the eye holes to resemble the photo.

As a style guide that is ok, but it would help a LOT to know some measurements to go with that. Like your head width, hight... a sketch from the front, side, back and top with your head silhouette interlaced and measurements can help tremendously in designing the helmet.

For the eyes, I would suggest using instead some kind of transparent plastic. For example, Mountain Dew bottles have a color close to this.

Alright so my measurments are 26cm from my chin to the highest point on my head, 17.cm from the tips of my ears, and from my nose to the furthest back part of my head is 24.5cm. The problem I'm having with more photos is you can only view the character turnaround on instagram on a mobile device. it is placed in there as a gallery and on the desktop version of Instagram you can't view it. I'm actually using that as reference for the other parts of the cosplay.

First things first: you need to learn to model yourself. All I can do is give you a few pointers.

Start by making a sketch of the helmet with front, side, top, and back it. Just the outside shape.

Get photos of yourself from these directions. Overlay the sketches onto the photos and scale them to fit in the pictures. This will be your modeling basis.

Import your photo into the design program you want to work with. Scale the photos with your known measurements. Now you start tracing the lines. Lock them in position and now you can start to work with these reference points to get the helmet as a whole done.

Ok I understand most of what you are sharing. The only part I am not sure of is how I would scale in blender that has always been something I've had a hard time with making things in blender. If you would have any tips for that I would appreciate it. Also, thank you so much for giving me these tips.

I find Blender a little tricky at times and most useful for postprocessing or doing non-scaled work. For scaling pieces I prefer to use Fusion360.

In this case, you could "model" a rough stand-in of your head in Fusion360. You could, for example, download the .STEP or .f3d files I made, then alter the parameters in this dummy head and you have a scaled head to import into blender. (Fusion does not allow to export as .scad for customizer...) Note that blender usually expects STL measurements in centimeters, so your finished work will be scaled up by a factor of 10.


Dummyhead for modeling

Yeah to be honest I'm not paying for blender and it works so far just can't justify the cost of fusion 360

Fusion is free for hobbyists and small companies.

Ok so how do I get it free since I all a hobbyist. I checked their website and the only free thing was a trial.

So I can get you measurements as for other angle I know if you search for Dinsai on Instagram they posted more photos of this guy including a character turnaround but as of right now I can't download them myself. If I figure out a way to get them I will share but I can get measurements for you no problem.