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The "key" of the thing!!!

by dlb5

Hi everyone!

This project is now about 10 month old. Maybe some of you know that i'm now involved with MyRCCar project, but i have recently discovered that people is more interested in this project although I have done nothing new about it in the last months.

My intention sharing both projects for free is very similar. I want the community to know what i can do, and the same time share some "quite new" technology wich can allow new ideas to grow, making stronger new points of view, wich tend to be better for users than for companies.

The project has about 3.5K views, 280 downloads (just 3 people should have all the needed parts) and the related video in youtube has about 1,6K views. This numbers looks really great for me, but i think is not much when i see many easy or not projects here in thingiverse having at least 10 times more for any of those numbers.

The problem is not in those numbers... is in the feedback... Just Tom TOo contributed with some ideas to improve or make more accesible the software chain method to airbrush a 3d raster. I thank him, and maybe you should, for that, but I could not see any result from him or any other of the makers, 3 by now.

So analyzing my own behabour, when i discovered OpenRC Truggy, i was not in thingiverse. I downloaded the project, made it in "silent mode" and finally, when i had something to publish (my FJ Cruiser Body for that rc car) i joined thingiverse. Of course, I also "liked" the OpenRC Car truggy and published my make of it. Maybe if i would not created my rc car body or "improved" some of the car parts i wouldn't create my thingiverse user and i would be today in that "silent mode".

So 10 months later, 3 makes later, i have no clue about how it performs for others, even if it does, because all 3 makers, one time they had their complete things, dissapeared in terms of contributing with their experience and improvements.

During years and years, i have recieved a lot of information for free from people in the internet, i think more than you could expect from any grade, mostly always in "silent mode".

I thought that sharing this and some other projects in the future i could "give back to the world" a part of what i took from it, in terms of free knowledge. I have been educated in the "give, but don't spect to recieve" way. Of course, this lesson have a second part, something like "don't spect to recieve from those who you give to, if you recieve something probably it won't be from them".

Maybe this is the place where i "give" and from where i don't get nothing, but i would like it to be a "group", not just a broadcast list for me.

So please, from now on, if you want to complete the build of this thing with the provided key,
i ask you to publish your make, so me and also others can see this project has been made more times. It will probably won't have any impact in the numbers, so I'm sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks for taking your time to read this if you did ;)


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missing stl's?

by cryptikpulse

I downloaded this project as an addition to my mpcnc with no real purpose in mind. Things to keep occupied during an pandemic.There seems to be a file missing. There are 4 parts of the assembly shown. There are only 3 files in the zip. the"bolt holder" appears to be missing. Does anyone have? or know where to find? I'd probably do fine without. But would prefer it. Thanx.

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Now that we are more than two...

by dlb5

This starts making sense :)
Welcome to the group Jarred!!!

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add on to my lowrider2 cnc table?

by markwind

in process of a cnc 4x8 lowrider2 table this machine uses 5 motors on a ramps arduino 2560 combo. would like to make this system with interchangeable heads or functions. any suggestions on adding this to my system. would like to do large scale airbrush with it as well. open to ideas to make this happen.

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My first attemps Airbrushing in CMYK

by dlb5

Used the open-source work flow previously described to generate the 4 needed gcodes. I was unlucky in the fourth (magenta) as the machine freezed... so no "pretty" photo of the result... :(

Anyway a few trys more and I got some results, bad by now, but they can be improved

calibration_test CMYK CNC airbrusing test_print
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