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Making 3D printer : FEEDBACK NEEDED !!!!

by DylansPrints1234

Hello all !
I am Studying Design and technology as an A-level in college and I've decided to make '3D technology' as my Coursework.
I need your help to specify what to make!
So my question is :
What would benefit you the most to have alongside or on your 3D printer ?

  • A reliable 3D scanner.
  • A multi extrusion 3D printer.
  • A smaller portable 3D printer.
  • A 3D part recycler !
  • 3D printer storage ( for spools and accessories).
  • Or any other suggestion please !!!!

If anyone is interested in being a stakeholder for this project please contact me. - dylansambler@gmail.com

Another question for you is :
what was the main problem with your 3D printer when you first got it ?

3d_printer 3D_printing 3D_scanner 3d_scanning feedback Help multiextrusion problem problems recycle
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T8 CNC Mini & Easel

by jdsantiagojr

Hello. I just finished building T8 CNC mini running 0.9 GRBL. I can't get a descent cut off the machine when using the easel cloud software.

The machine itself looks like it should work okay. . but when I load a project the spindel is all over the place. Posted image of machine and a cut of my name. . the letter 'h' moves to the right at least three times and letter 'J' and 'O' are smashed together.

Really new to CNC and not sure what to do next. Not sure if it is easel or something up with the machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.!

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Hi guys is here anyone who could help me to make a piece at cnc machine?

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can i adapt 1/4 inch collet to jacobs chuck?

by CardboardCNC

Alright, i am using a Dewalt DW660 router as a spindle in my cnc mill. Problem is, it only has collets for 1/8'' and 1/4''

Is it possible to get a adapter thats got a jacobs chuck on one side, and a 1/4'' smooth shaft on the other? i know they make 1/4'' hex to jacobs chuck, but i need 1/4'' round. is that a thing, and where can i buy it?

what if i just put the 1/4'' hex in my collet, will it work? (i doubt it)


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[SOLVED] Fusion 360 Post-Processors for Marlin?

by AcrimoniousMirth

Hi all,
Currently putting together the Root 3 CNC and I'm a big fan of both the RAMPS1.4 running Marlin and F360, with an interest in its CAM tool path generation.
Anyone know of a post-processor I can use to create the Gcode to run on Marlin?

SOLUTION: The Mostly Printed CNC uses the same setup and their website hosts a post-processor for all Marlin based CNCs.

Autodesk_Fusion_360 Cam fusion360 fusion_360 marlin marlin_firmware
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