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Introduce yourself

by NerdFoodGames

Please introduce yourself and join the club. Let's use this club to share configurations, mods, updates and anything else you have been doing with your CL260 3D Printer!

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Part Cooler

by ZombiJawa

I am looking for a decent part cooler, I have 2 40mm fans and a clone E3D V6. This one to be specific https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XBXDJY3/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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A better endstop for z axis

by kino90

Hello, I just designed a better adjustable endpoint for the z axis!
I was always scared by the original design, if the plastic piece move for whatever reason the Z platform can seriously damage something!
This design will fix this issue and allow to easily adjust the height!


Better Z endstop for CL-260 ( XTLW2-extended, ultimaker clone)
by kino90
Adjustable_Z_Endstop endstop z_endstop
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Mirrored prints

by ZombiJawa

I have tired to print a specific file 3 times now and it keeps coming out mirrored.

is there something in the CL-60 firmware I need to fix

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Bed leveling replacement knobs

by ZombiJawa

I know there is a file for add ons to the original bed level screws, but has anyone just replaced them with something different?

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Extruder fan not working

by ZombiJawa

I recently changed my hotend and changed out the old mechanical relay for a Mosfet, Now my extruder fan won't work. I have tried everything in Marlin to get it functional again but nothing works.

I even heated up the hotend to kick on the auto fan function that didn't work.

But my part cooling fans are fine.


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CL-260 conversion to Ultimaker 2+ Clone

by SirEdmar

I want to show you guys my latest project

I wanted to make my CL-260 as close to a UM2+. I will post updates within thing 2816929

CL-260 conversion to Ultimaker 2+ Clone
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Info request

by Bengelen


I have started my 3d printing journey about 1 year ago.
Bought a used Anet A8, learned a lot and had some much fun with it that i bought another i3 clone FLSUN i3.

The Anet A8 was upgraded to a AM8.

But i would like to get a printer that is a bit more stable, for instance a ultimaker but prices are so high :-0
I came across some china clones, but this one get's my attention:


The Cl-260 kit, what can be said about building it, the reliability? Print quality...

WHat can be said about it good and or bad, the seller ....

thx for the info

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First print and setup problems

by sketchybmxer

Thanks to ForenSeil I finally managed to the printer to work. almost

I just wanted to post a few of the problems I solved and some I still have for anyone to help or be helped if they are having the same problems,mine was sat on the shelf for months as there was no community to really help and its quite a steep learning curve for a beginner.

After flipping the axis motor connectors it all moves in the right direction so could proceed to try printing the benchy boat http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1778592

I first problem I had was after printing one or two layers the printer would stop,a quick google showed that the printer was running too fast and not hot enough so for my PLA I cranked the nozzle temp to 240 and the speed down to 50,the bed is set to zero due to a lovely blue spark coming out from the actual bed which now doesnt work. Too early to say if this an optimal speed but it seems to print fine for the time being and if I keep the settings the same I can reduce the variables.

The next and current problem I have (and when I fix it ill post how I did it) is while printing the first 10mm or so was sloped, the infinite wisdom of the net says this could be down to bent/misaligned axis rods or loose pulleys, however my print was not gradual it was like every 10/20 ish layers it shifted slightly so I think this is either due to the file (unlikely but possible) or the fact that the file has been printed at the edge of the bed rather than the center. I will also need to double check how level the bed is. Im really glad I let the print run because when I saw it start to print correctly I could possibly determine that the rods and belts are fine. http://s22.postimg.org/bgof37m0h/boat.jpg

Hopefully once I move it to the center it should be ok im convinced that's the problem.

Lastly does anyone elses screen go garbled after running for so long? I think Im in need of a firmware update! glad its almost there though. Only now I can sit there watching it print infront of me its actually pretty impressive watching it go though I suspect the novelty will wear off once i'm regularly churning stuff out!

Benchy Simpilfy3D Wanhao I3 ABS & PLA Test
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