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BMW M70 Engine silencer cover injectors

by Narlys9999


The dimensions need checking and adjustment. Check dimensions before printing.

Created this for the BMW M70 V12 in the e32 Model BMW
This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online https://www.tinkercad.com/things/hIspCBP7zzz


Engine Cover for M70 BMW (Doesn't fit M70;yet!)
BMW M70 V12 Cover M70 Silencer V12
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Wind Deflectors

by razstec

I was thinking that wind deflector should be pretty easy to make and print with transparent filament or not, transparency is not a must have for me, any ideas?
I was thinking on something like this, anyone ever made this?

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Hi New to the group,

by RevolutionAl

I've been searching like a nut all over for a 3D Print file of the Prestige Panel for BMW E30 (see pic attached).

Having not found anything I figured it might be a terminology thing as I come from South Africa.

Has anyone here, printed one? Or is anyone able to assist with this.

Thanks a Million


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New to the group

by IvanPetrone

Hey everyone, new to the group here.

I wanted to share a couple of gadgets I design for two vehicles I own

This is a Side license plate for most European vehicles (VW, Audi, BMW, etc ) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3653859

This is a replacement part for a 2008 F-150 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3375231

I'll keep designing more useful stuff for cars. If you have an idea let me know!

Front License Plate Bracket with Extension (No Drill) tow hook
Ford F-150 2008 King Ranch Reverse Sensor/Cigarrete/Charging Socket Plate
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Specific Car Parts - Mini Cooper

by Xgl0baltk

Hey guys,
so i have been looking far and wide for specific car parts, on all 3d and Cad sites, cannot find them anywhere, since i do own a CR10s and can print large parts, but can't design for Sh*t,at least with my laptop and mousepad, im looking for a mirror cap, tried to get it off a modeled R56 CAD, with very little luck to get it into a printable shape. and since Mini has introduced the Mini yours 3d printed (i know, proprietary disgns) side scuttles and stuff, been looking for those.

how do you guys go about making stuff that needs to fit something that already exists? the mirror caps are a (for me) fairly complex shape since it cannot be revolved off a simple shape and to get the dimensions right it not easy.

would love to hear your approaches to something like that, id love to go about designing exterior parts for example

car mini Mini_Cooper parts practical
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Land Rover Series 2 Demister Duct for Kodiak Heater

by Hybrid109

Hello folks,
I'm new here but am looking to work with someone who has means to print a heat tolerant piece of ducting for an old Land Rover. It is for the defroster/demister hose so it may get to about 120 degrees F max. I managed to work through the design with a friend but he can't seem to get his powder-bed printer to work at the moment. I'm hoping to get two of these made in short order and sent to me. I'd happily pay for the pieces and shipping. Can anyone help?


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New to the group

by gkrynen

Hello! Was thinking of starting a car parts group and found it already exists, so here I am!
Added a small rubber Datsun part for the moment. I am also tripping over other folks making small odd parts and will invite them to share here.

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Parts for FR-S/GT86/BRZ

by TRS84

I designed serveral 3d printable parts for my car and decided to publish them on thingiverse. Maybe those parts are usefull for someone.

Find them here: https://www.thingiverse.com/TRS84/collections/fr-s-gt86-brz-printable-parts

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Back plate for a turbocharger compressor to make electric turbo

by kevin3681

I have never designed anything or used a 3D printer, this is my first time. What I plan to do is remove the compressor section from a turbocharger so the back of it is a flat round panel. I'm going to buy a high rpm DC electric motor. I have one picked out that can spin up to 60,000 rpm. It uses 2 small 12 volt batteries in sequence to give it 24 volts. The car's alternator will charge the batteries when installed. I need to make a mounting bracket to attach the electric motor to the backside of the compressor. Then I need to attach the motor shaft to the compressor wheel shaft inside the turbo. It will become a low boost electric turbocharger. The heat will be almost non existent because the motor is so strong that the batteries can only power it to run 1 minute at a time. Which is fine because the electric motor activates when you get to 75 to 80% full throttle. I need help with making a CAD drawing or design, then printing it. I have done a lot of research in to the electric turbo. Phantom Electric Turbochargers is my inspiration for making this. It is not one of those cheap eBay electric superchargers. This concept works. Audi, Volvo and Valeo are all leaning toward the electric turbo. There is no lag, the motor gets to 60,000 rpm in 1/10th of a second. I found all the parts necessary to build this. Phantom Electric Turbochargers charges $2000 for their kit without the batteries. The turbo I want to use is $300, electric motor $100, switches and batteries are another $400. It is so light that it just clamps in to position using silicon couplers and clamps. It's universal, can be installed on any car between the air filter and the throttle body. The car engine is left completely stock. This will generate 4 to 5 pounds of boost with none of the heat of a regular turbo. 30% more horsepower and 40% more torque are common with this type of turbo. I need all the help I can get. Thanks, Kevin

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