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by Unconquered

"The problem is not just to change the bed size.. but to make it work flawlessly.
i can only recommend something that i have designed, checked and made sure it will work (300mm bed).
before it published I spent more than a month on software simulating, another month of improving and again simulating.
that even before it was built - all to make sure it will work perfectly (balance, stress process and so on).
a few comments below, you will find an excellent solution for bigger beds that another member like me and you came with.
adding another Z extrusion can be wise for heavy (400mm+) Z/bed carriages" - BLV

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Is it possible to install a Dualextruder?

by Unconquered

'Hi Ben, great work.
Is it possible to install a Dualextruder?
Best wishes from Bavaria" - Tollenz

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Wiring plan for x/y steppers right?

by Heliart

Hi Ben,

if I look at the wiring plan at the x/y steppers, they are wired in a different way then the others.

The color code for x/y steppers are green-blue-red-black. If I'm doing in this order, then I will get a shortage. All other steppers are wired blue-red-green-black.

2nd question is for the end switches. They are always closed, other they are triggered, then they will open,right? - Tom

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Trying to configure my BLV MGN cube...

by DarkTerritory

Hi folks - I've built a hybrid BLV MGN cube, kind of bare-bones and with only a RAMPS 1.4 board instead of the Duet. I finally have everything installed and now I'm trying to get the movements configured.

What I'm having problems with now is the Home process. X and Y seem to home just fine, but with the Z axis I'm having fits. First, the bed was going down during homing instead of up, causing a failure. So I went into the firmware and inverted the direction of travel. Now it moves up like it is supposed to but it doesn't stop when it hits the Z Min limit switch. I checked the switch and it is functioning properly (open when not pressed, Triggered when pressed.) Not sure what to try next. Any advice? Should I set the direction of travel back and flip the stepper driver plugs? Is that why it's ignoring the Z Min endstop?

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Sourcing the lead screw

by Estel88

Hi, from ben link the maximum lead screw lenght in 600mm, but the calculator says i need 700mm lenght, Somebody know where to find it? im worried of buying the wrong one...

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