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Welcome! New Members Please Read!

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Blender 3D is a professional level open source 3D design tool. It has tons of features, a robust development community and a huge worldwide community of users. It is used for 3D design for diverse applications from video games to scientific visualization to 3D printing.

You can download it from www.blender.org/download

This group is a place to discuss all things Blender 3D including (but not limited to) new features, modeling techniques, questions, addons, works in progress, etc. Come share knowledge, get constructive feedback, and ask questions.

Join to add your Blender designs to this group's Things. I'll feature awesome Things that include the .blend file used to make it so members have a set of reference designs to learn from.

Have fun!

Hey *!

Just joined the group out of curiosity. I'm a total noob in Blender and don't have time to do anything in there -- but that has to change, hopefully I can motivate myself some day :)

Actually, I was wondering if there's something like an "idea list" in this group, where you can add random ideas you get. That's the reason why I came here, I got an idea, and I'll work the next few years on that I guess, but for you guys I'll post that idea publicly so that interested people can have their try way faster than I can ... My plan is do create one day a Waldmops (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldm%C3%B6pse) model, seems like a big gap, no one ever built a 3d model of that :)

So long ... Thx for reading :)

Edgar, the PewDiePie's pooping dog

Hi! I have an Anycubic Delta (mini Kossell) for a few months while Blender instead uses it a bit more. I am Italian if I can help you ... I will try! :)
English is not my strength, so forgive me for the mistakes

Like others on here I have just got myself my first 3D printer (Finder) and can't leave it alone. I have great fun downloading and printing designs from other people, mainly from Thingiverse, but feel I need to design and print something myself. Hence I am determined to conquer Blender.
Hope joining this group makes it easier!

Regards to all

am just a beginner , wonna get the ropes of 3d design for printing
i have blender for 2 years on my pc , have not done much yet, its time to learn

Hi everyone!
I'm a new 3D printer user so I'd like to develope as much as possible my technic as designer usig Blender in that way.
So here I come!

I'm posting weekly videos on my Youtube channel geared towards 3D printing with Blender. I'm starting out slow so people can learn how to model that want to make their own 3D prints. I'm kind of random in my lessons, but I try to cover whatever is needed to get started. I'm up to video 15 as of now. I also upload prints here from time to time. I am also in the process of building my second 3D printer which will have a print area of about 19x21x19 inches. I plan to make a how-to video of that as well. Feel free to ask me questions on here or my channel. Happy Modeling!

hi i checked out some of your vids. i am looking for something that would take me through the process of creating a simple object of precise measurements. do you have something like that?

Haha.... The irony. This next video I plan on going over the "Measure it" addon that does exactly that. It should be out Tuesday or Wednesday. What kind of objects did you have in mind? I could use something you're wanting to work on as an example. I haven't recorded the video yet.

excellent i can hardly wait! first, it sounds like ai have to dL an addon...could you point me in the right direction? thankyou!

i can describe what i am looking for, and if it is a little off that is ok, I am looking for the process :) i dont think i can post pics here.

it would be a 0.233" square column 1.4" tall but the bottom 1/2" would be an x (if looking down at that 'x' extrude it up off of the page). afther the first 1/2" it would be a solid,square column (0.233",0.233").

next is makes a 90degree bend (left, horizontal) and would have a support flange (triangular) for a distance of 1.7" keep the same same square profile (0.233,0.233)

then another 90degrees to go vertical again for a run of 1.7"

and finally another 90 degrees to the right (horizontal) only instead of sqaure it now needs a round profile, diameter (0.25") and the run would be 2.3"

so the idea is to have multiple shapes at precise measurements, but that will be printed as a single part and to be able to adjust them if the actual print doesn't quite fit.

WOW! you did that in blender?! I very much look forward to the video!!! I want to be able to make things! thank you!

Yep, did that from your measurements. It's just an estimate because I wasn't sure which edge the next length was measured from after the 90 degree turns. The left side of the cube, or the right side. I just went from the left side to 1.7". Then up from the top face of that object to 1.7 and then put the cylinder at the end. I converted it all into metric as I went along. I don't use SAE measurements for 3D models. Metric seems to be way more accurate. So I just multiply everything by 25.4. 25.4mm = 1 inch. I'll use that object and make a video while showing how to save your progress as you go so you can adjust it later.

Hey guys! New to 3D printing (get my first printer next week, woohooo) and a hobby-"blederer". Far from a pro, but I even casually designed things in my company (and I am employed as a Software-Supporter). It did impress my bosses, so I guess my work is quite OK. ^^

I'm excited to see my models finally become real! "Igor, it's alive!!!"

And I'm happy to share my work with you guys! :-)


Hello. I've been using Blender for, well, a while. It is almost exclusively my design tool for objects to print. If I were to give one piece of advice to people using Blender for modelling, it would be, "Learn your Boolean modifiers."

My avatar picture is the first 3D scene I created using POVray back in 1992. You still had to define your scene in a text file and it took 4 hours to render on my 486. I rebuilt it in Blender at a higher resolution and measured my render time in seconds. How things have changed (for the good).

Hi, great advice, thank you! My issue is that successive booleans stop working creating non manifold geometry. I posted a question asking for advice:http://www.thingiverse.com/groups/blender3d/topic:6054. How do you deal with this?

Hello I am new to blender and 3d modelling in general. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to join multiple objects into 1. I have done searches and the best answer I can find is to push Alt J, However when I export and load into say 3D Builder I can still separate the objects. How do I make it 1 object I'm worried my part being in multiple objects will mess up my prints. Thank You

Hi! Alt J combines all of the mesh data from one object into another object. It sounds like what you want to do is a Boolean Union operation, to combine two meshes into one solid object. To do this you'll want the objects to be separate (aka how they were before you pressed Alt-J) and then add a boolean modifier to one of them and selecting the name of the other object in the modifier's text field.

here's the documentation for that tool, which has images to help you find it :) let me know if you need any more help!

Hi guys, I've been using Blender since about version 2.39 or 2.41 somewhere around there. I discovered it as a teacher who had been thrust into ICT from art and wanted an open source 3D modelling program to do some animation with. I tried a couple and found Blender and have been hooked ever since. I do not get anywhere near enough time to play but am comfortable with the software although far from expert. However I have been teaching with it now for ages and the standard of my students work has improved dramatically over the years. I try to introduce it with some simple stuff in year 8 and work my way up to using it extensively in years 11-12. In the past few years I convinced my school to buy a 3D printer (Makerbot Replicator 2) and I use Blender for about half the content (I could do a whole work program with it). I teach ICT and media and it's fantastic for both, the video editor is really, really good - reliable works with heaps of formats and the ability to import 3D elements scenes, text etc. and once you get your head around blender in general the video editor is very powerful. We do animation, game making (and because I do python programming with my students with raspberry pi's and robotics) we are more and more using the scripting window to do different things - although I'm far from good yet. My advice to anyone starting with it is to do very simple models - I started doing animated models of the solar system (no modelling at all) with my kids. I've found an excellent tutorial series for beginners called Little Web Hut, strongly recommend to those starting out.

Blender is such a powerful software and it free!!

Comments deleted.

I'm still learning, guys. glad I join you. I have a question for you, which software do you guys to use to mode items? I used to use Rhino to mode furniture. which software do you recommend? Thanks

Blender, of course! Steep learning curve, but well worth it. Check out these starter templates for 3D printing. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:889290

Youtube, Blender Cookie, Blenderartists.org and this group are all great resources to get started.

Blender Templates for MakerBot Replicators

Thank you I am still learning

Thank you I am still learning

Hey Guys, I am a professor at Malone University and am looking for some great first projects for students on Blender. There is a bit of a learning curve and most of my students are creatives. Any thoughts? Li

When I've taught beginner level classes for Blender, I've found some luck with just teaching students the basic concepts of 3D (cartesian coordinate system, vertex, edge, face, object and edit mode) and then the basic tools (grab, scale, rotate, extrude) and then just let them go to town. A chair, table, or simple stick figure is a good place to start for basic modelling. If they are experienced modellers but are new to blender, you might consider something more complex like a simple spaceship or airplane. If that's the case, you can introduce the background (reference) images tool and the modifier stack (mirror, sub-d, etc). As jimbo1134 said, a wineglass or vase is another nice starting place, as you can learn to use the spin modifier.

Sometimes when I've taught more sculpture minded people, starting by introducing sculpt mode is the right way to go. The tools are more immediately familiar and the GUI is more usable than in edit mode. Make sure to have them turn on Dyntopo so they don't have to worry about adding a subdivision or multi-res to their mesh before hand.

sounds bland but you could have people design cups and vases! Thats what my very first blend was.

I was able to create the scotland bottle opener!

I started maybe about 2 years ago, just dabbling here and there, my friend told me about blender and i teach the basics to it at my job!

I joined because i primarily use blender but also laughed cause your in my cosplay group on here as well :D lol small world!

:) Nice! How did you get started with Blender? I started using it after a friend of mine took a class on 3D design using Maya, but I couldn't afford Maya (and it didn't run well on my computer). That turned out to be very fortuitous since I now consider Blender to be a more suitable tool for my uses than Maya would be. I've been using blender since 2005 or 2006. I think I started on version 2.45...