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Welcome! New Members Please Read!

by atartanian

Blender 3D is a professional level open source 3D design tool. It has tons of features, a robust development community and a huge worldwide community of users. It is used for 3D design for diverse applications from video games to scientific visualization to 3D printing.

You can download it from www.blender.org/download

This group is a place to discuss all things Blender 3D including (but not limited to) new features, modeling techniques, questions, addons, works in progress, etc. Come share knowledge, get constructive feedback, and ask questions.

Join to add your Blender designs to this group's Things. I'll feature awesome Things that include the .blend file used to make it so members have a set of reference designs to learn from.

Have fun!

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Blender Boolean Non-manifold

by prepman

Having cried blood over the last month or so trying to get CONSISTENT manifold stl files with Blender after using Boolean operations (Diff & union) and getting more errors with each operation, I finally gave up and used Freecad, which gave consistent manifold results after numerous Boolean operations (cutting & joining). After importing a finished STL into Blender and using the the 3d printing check tab it was error free.
So if it (Freecad) can do it why can't Blender?
Not much use having something produces more problems than fixes?
I much prefer Blender for modelling, but hit the Boolean modifier and your in a world of pain. Freecad is a bit clunky.
Is there a fix? Last posts on this issue were back in circa 2015

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Align two objects

by Thalos

I've been learning Blender by myself doing different projects. But I have still problem to connect two meshes together. For example I have "L" shape done by connecting "I" and "_" meshes. And I try put them very close together but sometimes it's more or less perfect. Is there any method to connect it? I know there is magnet tool but it seems to do everything it want and not what I want.
I created a simple align file to show what I mean.
Any help?

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Rick Grimes statue

by Maker-Works

can someone please model the Rick statue that was in the last issue of the comics.

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What to design?

by Teranolist

Hi, I know this might sound like a very dumb question, but:

I'm started Blender since several years ago, but never got above a very basic usage; I started designing stuff for second life (which had a very specific rules for meshes (or sculpties, back than), so its no much use for 3d-printing.

Since then I watched a bunch of tutorials but did'nt find anything that really suited my needs... I'm not very talented in creating any "organic" stuff, I'm more the practicanl oriented person with a preference for exact dimensions.

On the other hand, I can't get warm with any of the CAD-Softwares around so I'd really like to use blender as a tool, cuz I'm already kinda famliar with it: I created some basic parts for daily use already, or remixed things to fit my needs (most of it is too niche, or it doesn't have the quality i'd like, to post it here)

So I'm hoping you could give me any advice for anyday object I could design, as an exercise, which might be of acutal use - I know this is a very specific question which is hard to answer, not knowing my special circumstances - But I'm asking more for a brain storm than a real answer - Maybe some one can help me?

Thanks in advance!

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phone case button measurements

by SwiftNinjaPro

I've spent possibly a month trying to find any search result related to getting the button placements and measurements of a google pixel. anyone know a website that will tell me the measurements of the buttons? I need this so I will know where to place the holes in a phone case, and I don't want to just guess, because that can waste filament.

button case google pixel measurement phone phone case position positioning
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How to add more 3d detail to svg

by billythekid

I have an .svg file. I have extruded it out to stl but I am looking to add more 3d effect

I have seen some tuts for picture to stl , which is what I am looking for but seem old.

Any info to a good tutorial or any help would be great

Thank you!

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Extrude or loft a 2D DXF file to 3D in Blender.

by electriceye

Hi All: Trying to 'remix' a thing from another user that needs a small correction- specifically, to extrude a cross section of it by 6.5mm to make on part of the object taller than it is. I don't want to scale it, because I need a specific area of the object taller and not the whole object itself. I have already created a target cross-section of the area I want to loft or extrude but can't seem to find the commands in Blender. I also thought I could do it quickly and easily in Google Sketchup, but they want me to upgrade (pay) just to import a lousy DXF file. I already have the 'import DXF' add on loaded in Blender and I can see the cross section loaded in my view, just want to make the 2D file a 3D one. I suspect this isn't overly difficult, I'm just not finding the commands, even in the manual. It can do this right?

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New into 3D design - any advice?

by duplexo123


I bought a 3D printer 2 weeks ago and gathered some experience with modding it and printing stuff some from thingiverse. I'd like to move on and slowly learn how to design own designs.

As a first project I wanted to fix a model of Doshin the Giant from a Gamecube game. I found the attached files online.

Is this fixable? Is blender even the best program for this problem or do you recommend another one [mac]?

Thanks for your help!

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