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by TannerR

I'm looking to upgrade my Fans, Extruders, Nozzles and adjusting the angle of the spools so that they have less friction. I'm not sure what exactly is compatible with BIBO I've been saving up a bit so I can afford high end stuff I just didn't know where to look. If anybody can leave links below for me that would be lovely. thank you for your time!

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Clogged Throat

by Insatiable

I have been experiencing what I thought was a nozzle clog for months now on the E2 (left) extruder. After many, many new nozzles failed to fix this, I researched and it seemed "heat creep" in the throat causes this. I am still struggling to understand how that can happen.

PLA can be pushed through at 210 on a 0.8 nozzle, but difficult
Extruder can only sometimes extrude anything
Constant grinding
Unable to unload filament, gets jammed coming out, breaks off at throat if forced

But what I really want to know is, has anyone else experienced this? Do you have a solution? This is NOT a nozzle clog, FYI.

clog Jam throat
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Thumb Screws for Bibo2 Printer Bed

by structuresguy

I got tired of using the stock wingnuts for leveling the bed so i made some thumb wheels. These are 30mm OD, which just clears the support frame on my printer. They hold a 3mm nut inside a recess, but are designed to work with the stock leveling screws. The larger diameter and full perimeter make it much easier to fine tune the leveling adjustments.


Thumb Screw for Bibo2 Printer Bed
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Good process profile for Simplify3D?

by astralvoid

I'm having trouble with Simplify3D on first layer. It seems to be too close to the bed or rarely sticks. Can anyone share their best PLA settings for printing without a raft?

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Updating firmware?

by coolkman42

I have a Bibo 3D Laser that I have been running since December, 2019. I use Cura and Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi. Everything is working fine, but I have no idea how to check the firmware or update it. I can't even figure out where to download the new firmware on the Bibo site.

Has anyone tried to use the Firmware Updater for Octoprint? Is it compatible with the Bibo? It lists a bunch of boards, but I have no idea what board the Bibo uses.

Finally, are there any advantages to using Marlin? I have seen it mentioned a few times, but really don't know anything about it.


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