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Artillery Sidewinder X1 (EVNOVO)

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Weird first layer temps

by Coleobri

No matter what I put in cura the first layer of my prints always uses 230 C extruder and 80 heat bed. After the first layer it switches back to what I originally put in cura (210/60) I was wondering if anyone else has this or thinks its a big deal? all my prints come out fine.

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WIP Sidewinder X1 CAD Model

by FullMetalFox

So today my Sidewinders electronics showed some more issues, and now its disassembled into pieces for troubleshooting.
Which isnt a bad thing if you want to take some measurements, and since i have a work free day i thought i start to make a little something.

There is a more complete CAD of the X1 out there on Grabcad, but sadly the available model is rather inaccurate in many key areas and has many missing components, like just an example the acrylic plates behind the PCBs, Electronics and such.
Still i guess ill ask the creator if its okay if i use some of his accurate parts under credit to speed up the completion of this one.

Total waste of my time or totally worth it? I know ill be happy to have it when designing future upgrade parts.

Autodesk_Fusion_360 Sidewinder_X1
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Still Problems with the extrution. Relating on the post below

by julsho

So i still have the problem that the filament cant get pushed into the hotend because it melts at the metal gear or it cant get pushed forward because of to much resistance in the nozzle or hotend?!

Ok so i have changed to a titanium Heatbreak and a micro swiss nozzle. as well i went on the stepper on 0.9Volt. still the Extrution stepper Motor gets quiete hot (~50°C) also what i have the feeling that the whole aluminum parts get quiet hot (~50-60°C).

i Have also changed to other filament from High T Lay (Temps like ABS) to standard PLA... Same result with the PLA...

In the pictures you see how the filament looks like when i get it out. at the end it looks very wierd.

So right now the printer is not able to print anything because of the hotend and the extrution part. Did anyone have the same problems or can give me some advice what to do next?
How hard can the spring press on the extrution gear? how do you set it up?

i am really tired of this printer with those problems and doesnt enjoy it at all right now =( especially with the awesome prints at the beginning

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noisy retraction

by Coleobri

Hey Everyone,

new to this forum and wondering if anyone was having a problem similar to me. The direct drive gear (don't really know what its called) has been making a clicking noise every time it retracts. I've had the printer for about a month and its been extremely quiet but recently its been making that weird noise. Was just wondering if anyone had any insight or similar issue


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Loud Z Axis

by FullMetalFox

Hello everybody,

ive just received my Sidewinder X1 Version 4, so i guess from now on ill stalk this little group and hope we grow =)

Nice things aside, after a checking all connectors and a careful setup ive discoveres one issue.
X and Y are even quieter than my Ender 3 with TCM2208 drivers, but the Z Axis is making quiet a lot of noise.
When i move the Z Axis up or down per the MKS touch panel, its not only a very loud stepper noise similar to a stock ender 3, but at the end of the motion there is a scratchy whine like noise each time.

While printing, sometimes one whole layer is undertoned by the Z steppers making a constant whining tone that only stops when the next layer begins.

So far im hoping its only a missalignment of the two steppers or some minor issue. But from my experience with large CNC machines i only know this noise from bad drivers or busted stepper coils :(

Google couldnt supply any answeres regarding this printer, so im wondering if anyone of you guys ever encountered this?

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