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Marlin 2.0.0 Firmware for Anycubic i3

by mbartl

Based on the original config-files that came from Anycubic, I've created new Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h to make the printer run Marlin 2.0.0.


  • download/use the Marlin branch "Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x" from marlinfw.org
  • originally stepper motor for right Z-axis is connected to E2 output. To use this Firmware, connect right Z to output Z2. This frees the E2 port for future 2nd extruder
  • stepper drivers are configured to be 4988 drivers (same as in original configuration)
  • bed levelling is configured for manual mesh (9 points). Do a pre-calibration like suggested in Anycubic manual, make sure the nozzle is slightly above printbed after Z-home. Preheat hotend and start bed levelling from display knob.
  • Ultrabase installed

This FW works for me and I'm happy to share. Keep in mind that you use it at your own risk.

Best wishes, Michael

Anycubic_Prusa_i3 marlin_2 marlin_firmware
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0.1mm layerheight printing issues

by madness127

hi, i have have been using my printer for a while now and mostly without any real big issues.
its a bit of a learning curve because its my first printer.

i have done some minor upgrades (ultrabase and teflon filament guide, and cooling fins on the heatbreak.).
the ultraBase gave me a bit of a hard time because i had some adhesion issues afterwards bit that mostly seems to be fixed now.

now the issue i need some help with is this:
i want to run a print at the lowest possible layer height (so i was thinking 0.1 should be no problem)
(trying to print a moon lamp)

and usually my print starts of fine using a raft for added stability.
however after some time i start having extrusion issues and the extruder motor starts skipping.
printing at 210c with 50mm/s

now i have tried printing at various temperatures and the issue doesn't seem to be actual clogging of the nozzle because i can raise the hot-end and feed without issues.
just to be sure i even swapped out the stepper motor with a spare one i got from my supplier.
i also fiddled around with bed leveling and printing speeds (on the printers interface) but the issue seems to persist.

any advise is welcome.

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TL Smoothing Modules , is it worth it?

by Ambeos5

I have 4 Printers a Anet A8, Anycubic linear plus delta, Anycubic i3 and a Tronxy x3 . I have heard that the Smoothers work but hit and miss . Does anyone have any input on this? If they work like they state id like to upgrade all my printers to them.

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Marlin firmwares for Anycubic i3+

by ComicSans

I compiled the Marlin firmware versions up to 1.1.9 for the Anycubic printer and made them available via Github.


Feedback is appreciated :)

Anycubic_Prusa_i3 firmware_update marlin_firmware
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Double extruder

by Lordys1980

hi all I finaly got the time to install the dual extruder on the Anycubic.
but the biggest problem is getting the simplify configured to use it.

anyone didt the update already

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