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Predator original board Trigorilla Pro reflash to Marlin

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I flashed Marlin, but I can't get the printer to behave. It prints very slowly and jerky.I would describe it as it can't get read/process the gcode fast enough and is constantly buffering.

I suspect I have hardware problems with the board, but it would be great if anyone could confirm that Marlin runs smoothly on their machine.

brba, it does indeed run, and very well. After I got over the PlatformIO hump (and flipped the display over, because it comes out upside down under Marlin), I printed a test cube from the SD card. First thoughts:

1) The machine isn't any noisier, just...different.
2) Marlin seems to keep MUCH tighter control of the steppers AND the temperatures. I can feel (and hear) the difference in the steppers by gently feeling the effector during a print. Much "smoother", and the retract settings actually seem to be doing something. Both the bed and the nozzle heat up VERY fast, and in fact the nozzle PID will throw a runaway error if you try to babystep the first layer too quickly.
3) I have done no calibration at all, other than babystepping the Z axis of the first layer. It was too high by about 2 mm.

The cube I printed was sliced on a very old version of Cura. Now that I have an up-to-date laptop (purchased to run PlatformIO), I'm looking forward to slicing with the latest Cura.

I'm sure I'll run into quirks and oddities as I progress further, but I can confirm that the Trgorilla Pro board will indeed run under Marlin, and run very well (so far).

I actually bought a new laptop just so I could install PlatformIO on Visual Studio and try this! Nope. Won't even compile. I've spent way too much time trying to fix missing extensions, libraries, verifying configuration, and other complaints from the IDE to make this even remotely worthwhile.

Makes me miss the Arduino IDE for my old RAMPS board. That actually worked!

I wrote this comment on one YT -video:

I downloaded the latest version from SXHXC's Github, it fails on the Adafruit libraries. In platformio.ini, replace "Adafruit_MAX31865=https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_MAX31865/archive/master.zip" with "Adafruit_MAX31865=https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_MAX31865/archive/1.1.0.zip" to get it working.

Hi brba,

I've got the latest Github rev, too. It won't compile for many reasons, starting with the lack of the include file extensions. And it goes downhill from there. If you'd like to send me the final 512kB bin file, I'd be willing to brick my Predator by trying it.

It isn't 512 kB, this attached "firmware.bin" is the last one I tried before reverting back to stock FW. I have no idea what I have changed from the GitHub, I'm including every file I've tampered with.

brba, despite my previous claim of not prursuing this any more, of course I have ;-)

I can download the latest Marlin release, and it compiles fine under platformIO running under Visual Studio. It will even autobuild under the Marlin Autobuild extension.

But. I have had zero success in compiling any Marlin for the Predator. I am certainly no code wizard by any stretch of the imagination, but I've closely inspected patformio.ini, boards,h, pins.h, configuration.h, configuration_adv.h, etc., and cannot for the life of me determine why it won't compile.

I've used your files and modification suggestions, but still get no success. Any ideas or thoughts?

brba, many thanks for that! I went straight to flashing my Predator with your .bin file, and it indeed does not like it at all. I've still had absolutely no luck getting a clean compile, even with your ini and .h files. Not sure what's up with that. Reflashed to my old back-up, and all is well.

Forgot to mention: I played around with default printing speeds, delta segments per second and the linear advanced K -value. Nothing more elaborate, this firmware is the best I got it.

Kind of good to know it wasn't just my setup then, but Marlin would've been nice to run on the stock board.

brba, I really appreciate your effort with this! I do recall from my arduino days with the ramps board, that if the new bin file didn't completely "fill" the memory space, then it wouldn't work correctly.

I certainly don't know if that is also true of the ARM board in the Predator, but I do know that the ARM has 512KB, and my back-up bin file is exactly 512KB in size. Opening it with an editor shows a lot of "functional" whitespace, so that appears to be the case here, too.

I do know that the Arduino IDE would do whatever it needed to so as to end up with a bin file of exactly the right size.

There are several purported Marlin "upgrades for the Trigorilla Pro on GitHub, and I've examined their ini and h files line by line. None of them will compile in PlatformIO, so until someone comes up with code that WILL compile properly, I'm not going to pursue this any further.

I'll give the compile a try when I'm back home around monday, but I can't try it on my Predator anymore as I fried the board.

brba, BINGO!!! Apparently, PlatformIO is so smart it's stupid. It updates itself so often that it loses track of the internal libraries and dependencies embedded in the Marlin release. The relkease that started this entire thread relies on Marlin including the Maple library in the compile, but that function was lost/broken with later versions of PlatformIO.

Simply adding the line:
board_build.core = maple

to the trigorilla_pro environment in the platformio.ini file did the trick. During compile, PlatformIO found an additional 23 libraries it was previously missing, and the compile went fine, both under PlatformIO and the Auto Build Marlin utility.

The resulting firmware.bin is 271K in size. Now all I need is the nerve to actually upload it to the printer!

Great to hear! It's always something small and unexpected, isn't it?

Cool beans!

That's good to know but given the A4988 hardwired on the board, if I was going to edit the firmware, I'd be looking to upgrade the drivers for 2208 or 2209's really. What would be good is if the original display could be used with an SKR and Marlin as it seems such a waste to have to junk it.