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Marlin Filament Run-Out on the Predator

by rq3

I can confirm that the filament run-out detection on the Predator under Marlin works very gracefully, IF the logic is flipped from "Low", to "High" in the configuration.h file. The machine stops, moves to a reasonable position, locks the steppers, and declares that it is out of filament. Install a new spool of filament, feed it into the extruder, press the button, decide whether or not to purge more of the new filament, and continue.

The machine then returns exactly to where it left off, and continues printing. In the attached photo, I ran out of white PLA, and installed black PLA. The transition between the two materials is obvious visually, but can't be felt. I took my own sweet time changing the spools, and the machine maintains proper temperatures and its position through-out the process.

You could even modify the print G-Code to allow this during a print on purpose, as many slicers have this facility built in.

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Marlin 2.0.7 for the Anycubic Predator

by rq3

Attached is a zip file which will unzip into Marlin 2.0.7 modified for the stock AnyCubic delta Predator using the Chitu Trigorilla Pro 32 bit board and 3.5 inch touch screen. The firmware.bin file in the pio\build\trigorilla_pro folder should directly load onto the board, using a USB cable and the STMicro Demonstrator, if the board jumpers are correctly configured.

Alternatively, you can modify any files you need to, recompile under PlatformIO, and download your new firmware.bin file.

There is no need to physically rotate the display, and the only issue that I am seeing is that perhaps the filament detection logic is reversed. I am looking into that, but you can turn OFF filament detection from the touchscreen, and store that change, as a workaround.

The "Enter" and "Cancel" touch button positions will be swapped left to right, and the previously dark blue enter button will be an easier to see blue, but otherwise the functions are all "normal Marlin".

After updating your Predator to Marlin, you must run a delta calibration and save the changes from the touch screen.

The Marlin GitHub releases change too fast, and too far, especially in the realm of the user interface, for me to keep up with, so this will likely be my last post on this topic for quite a while. If I discover an improvement I'll post, otherwise I'm done for now.

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Recommended upgrades / tuning for a new Anycubic Predator?

by undefvar

I ordered an Anycubic Predator that should arrive next week. This is my first FDM 3d printer, but not my first 3d printer. I'm curious as to what the recommended upgrades or tweaks are. I've already ordered TL Smoothers and antivibration mounts for the stepper motors. Is there a compelling reason to replace the board right away, and if so what is the recommended replacement (Duet? SKR?). Should I plan on replacing the hotend and extruder immediately, or are the stock ones sufficient for now?

If you were just starting out with a new Predator, what would you change right away to improve it?

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Marlin 2.0.7 - Latest Release

by rq3

The latest full release of Marlin (2.0.7) works on the stock Anycubic Predator. Printing as I type. I never had much luck with 2.0.6 or

Attached is a document describing the changes to the Marlin 2.0.7 files that need to be made so that it will load and run properly on a stock AnyCubic Predator with the Trigorilla Pro board.

Some of these are required, like correctly setting the delta height (otherwise the calibration probing will not work). Other changes are for safety (like the maximum temperatures for the hot end, which are by default too high for the stock unit). The main changes are to rotate the display 180 degrees, (so that you don't have to physically remove and flip the Predator LCD), re-aligning the touch pad locations, and making sure the touch buttons have the correct functions and colors. Other minor tweaks include default hot end and bed PID values that are more realistic, setting the controller fan so that it is always on, and other things that are "nice to have", but not "necessary".

Make darn sure you have a back-up of the existing firmware, so you can revert to it if anything goes wrong!

These instructions apply to Marlin 2.0.7, and to its associated example configuration files located under the "config/examples/delta/anycubic/predator" repository on the Marlin github.

I take ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY for the use of this information!!! As with any Marlin installation, you must modify files for any particular machine, and these are simply the instructions for the changes I made to MY machine's Marlin firmware to get it to function under the latest full Marlin release.

Note that after you compile and load Marlin onto the Trigorilla Pro, you MUST run a full Delta Calibration and STORE the settings from the touchscreen for them to be saved. DO NOT have an SD card in the machine during any of this! Then do a double check of where your printer thinks the Z axis zero really is. Not following this sequence risks having the machine try to push the hot end nozzle through the bed!

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Marlin 2.0.6 released with Trigorilla Pro support

by rq3

At last! If you already have configuration. h and configuration_adv.h files, they need only slight modifications before compiling under PlatformIO.

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