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Prometheus System in duet WiFi

by Swirls

Hello people I am just trying to test it before I do a big rebuild or unbuild of the Printer .
I want to test it with two extruder at first . If it work I will disassemble electronic on top and do an separate box for it .
Extruders will be in the top frame of the Predator then .

My question if anybody of you knew it how to setup it in the duet firmware ?
What I know is I have to do as example

In config g.:
M563 P0 D0 H1 F0 ; Define tool 0 (extruder 1)
M563 P1 D1 H1 F0 ; Define tool 1 (extruder) 2)

If someone can help me would be nice ❤️

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ANYCUBIC_Predator_Voice Test firmwareV1.4.1RC13

by baconinabun

RC13 Firmware what have you noticed different from stock machine?

my effector doesn't fall to the bed when the power is turned off like it did on RC12

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G-code configuration of the tri-gorilla board on the predator

by zwolfy


trying to fine tune the parameters of the original board I got with the predator.

I got last week, and I need to resize the object output as mine are about 99.4% of the desired size.

So I started looking around and since I can't upload new firmware with tuned parameter I was considering upgrading to a new board.

But I found that you can actually change parameter with G-code on these board using the "chitu extensions" to gcode.

Anyway wanted to share this with you.

I was able to save the default config on my predator using the 'M8512 "Configuration file.gcode"' command.

I'm attaching it here for your reference (default-config.gcode) (I translated it the comment with google translate as they we're in Chinese).

I also found this file (Machine complete parameter D227_V1.4.0(20181220) - translate) in the firmware package on the anycubic site for the predator, but it's older then the code I'm running (see screen-info pic) V1.4.1RC12sm4E/P3

Anyone found a more recent firmware?

I'll be testing out some changes with the delta rod length to get 100% desired dimension.

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Hotend Fluctuation

by Faith_L

Anyone having issues keeping contant hotend temps? Printer works great with pla. Tried petg at 240 but nozzle temp fluctuated by +/-15C. Tried a PID tune through Simplify3d and Mattercontrol at 240, but no PID values showed up when it finished. Mattercontrol gave a "callback_pf" error. Just got this as my second printer last week.

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Runaway Heat on Build Plate

by LJClark

Anyone having runaway heat on their build plates? Since I'm having communications problems running Simplify3d to the printer using USB I'm printing from the SD cards. A couple times today I looked over at the printer and saw a print job with the filament getting gooey on plate, and saw that the temp was showing 100C -- confirmed by my IR thermometer.

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