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Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus + Trigorilla MB

by el_diabolo

Hi i have an config problem with the display FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER, its dosnt work can everybody help me.

Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus + Trigorilla MB + FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER

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Anycubic Linear Plus + SKR 1.3 - the best and cheapest upgrade?

by DukeLander

I have tried several boards but this one is absolute winner.
I saw it first in Chris Basement video where he used it on Prusa Mk3, where board performed exceptionally.
It is fully supported in Marlin 2.0, very easy setup and flash over PlatformIO IDE.
Marlin 2.0 is still in alpha stage, but Marlin team already did hell of a job there.
So I had look around and I found BigTreeTech SKR 1.3 on AliExpress for 17 (seventeen) euros. Waited 2 weeks for delivery, board came, I have put LV 8729 (128steps) on XYZ (bought a pack on Ali for 18 euros) and DRV8825 (32 steps) on extruder ( I have tried A4988 but it is too loud).
BigTree has on GitHub Marlin 2.0 firmware but delta section is completely removed and it is not compatible with latest Marlin 2.0.
So I had to write completely new config files almost from scratch. I said almost because Marlin team had made example config files for Anycubic Kossel, saved me lot of time. And new config files are completely new dimension in terms of correlated functions and parameters, now you have options to play around as you wish...


-100% compatible 32bit board with AC delta printers, you dont have to change anything on printer
-Completely open source firmware, i.e. with Marlin 2.0 and PlatformIO or Smoothieware you can do what you want
-You can fully unleash all delta advanced functions in Marlin i.e. Arc, Bezier curve, Linear Adv (advanced pause and filament change functions works out of box)
-Very easy setup, it took ~15 min to install
-Very fast and precise prints
-If you use 32+ steps drivers, you get very, very quiet printing, you can hear only fans, finally you can sleep in same room with printer
-Price: SKR board (17e)+ pack of 128 step drivers (18e) are 35 euros....No comment...

Cons (optional):
-There is only one fan output on board which is used by part cooling fan. Hotend cooling fan is always on. Personally I have no problem with that ( I have very quiet Noctua fan on hotend ), that why it is optional.

Some 0,2m prints:

Some 0,1mm prints:

Some quiet video:

I am gonna make manual for PlatformIO IDE with config files, need some free time for that.
Till then, your comments and critics are welcome

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Wham Bam Flex Sheet and Anycubic Linear Plus Auto Calibration

by Davetech204

Just upgraded my newer AC Kossel Linear Plus with Marlin 1.1.9 and having nothing but issues getting the bed calibrated so the nozzle doesn't dig into the PEX sheet on my Wham Bam Flex Bed Surface.

Everything was working correctly before the upgrade to 1.1.9, but now I can't get the offset configured right because the menus have changed so much.

Anyone have the Auto Calibrate steps for a AC Kossel Linear Plus, with Vanilla Marlin 1.1.9 and the Wham Bam flex sheet?
Probe is working because it goes through all the steps.

Settings under Delta Calibration menu
Height = +299.39
Ex = -0.139
Ey = 0.000
Ez - 0.902
Radius +134.96
Tx = -0.070
ty = 0.207
tx = -0.137
Diag Rod +271.50

Watched 2 YouTube videos that were on this subject but neither worked for me.
Did the nozzle Z gap height and is was +1.4 mm when I had a post-it note between the bed and nozzle tip if that helps give you a clue what I'm doing wrong.
I watched the Chris's Basement video and the Da Hia Zhu video and now I'm really lost.

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Kossel Linear Plus Cura 4.1 Print Profile Header

by Davetech204

Does anyone have a good Cura header for the AC Kossel Linear Plus?
Brand new AC Kossel Linear Plus, Cura 4.1, upgraded to Marlin 1.1.9
When print starts almost 50 - 70mm+ of travel across the heat bed before filament begins coming out.
Working around this by making sure I have a long/big enough skirt printing (Skirt Lines 4 -6) so that the filament is coming out before it gets to the start of the model.

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Anycubic Linear Plus + SKR 1.3 - the best and cheapest upgrade

by DukeLander

I have tried several boards but this one is ultimate winner.
I saw it first time on Chris Basement video in combination with Prusa Mk3 and it is supported by Marlin 2.0.
I found BigTreeTech SKR 1.3 for 17 (seventheen) euros on AliExpress, waited for 2 weeks for delivery, previously I had LV8729 (128 step) and DRV8825 (32 step) drivers.
I have combined 8729 for XYZ and 8825 for extruder (First I have tried with A4988 on extruder but it was too loud).
Of course, it is fully compatible with A4988 drivers.

Marlin 2.0 is still in alpha stage but it does hell of a job.
BigTree has Marlin 2.0 firmware version on GitHub, but it is outdated in terms it is not compatible with latest Marlin 2.0 and there is no support for deltas - delta section is completely removed from BigTree config files.
Result was writing from scratch configuration files in latest Marlin 2.0, where Marlin team did great job with example config files for Anycubic kossel, it is a really new dimension in correlated functions and parameters in new config files + PlatformIO IDE is much better than Arduino IDE for work.

Summa summarum:

-100% compatible board with stock parts on AC Linear Plus
-Very fast and precise printing with Arc,Bezier curves and Linear Advance function on
-If you use 32+ steps drivers, you can hear only fans, finally you can print and sleep in same room
-Wide options in menu on M 2.0, you can literally do anything through menu options, i.e. pause, filament change etc works flawlessly
-Price: 17 € board... no comment...

There is only one downside on this board: hotend fan - it is always on when you turn your printer on because there is only one fan output on board and it is used for part cooling.
There is possible workaround to make some outputs on board to be configurable fan output, but I did not care about that.

Here are some results:

0,2mm print:


Video about silent run:

In next days I will upload config files and manual how to do it, till then, make some comments :-)

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