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Anycubic I3 Mega DOMED center of the build plate

by CmdrDelmonte

Hi All :-)

I have the I3 Mega with the ultra base.

I can level it all the way around the edges and 4 corners and its spot on
However, the centre is 'High', the filament is just smeared at the middle point, to get around this, for now, I have set the edges to 1.5mm (Using a gauge)
and that puts the centre around 0.5mm and set Simplify 3D to extruded extra filament. It works but it's not right.

I have had the bed apart and checked the guide rods rotate freely in their mounts, At first, they were solid but sorted thats now,

Wondered if anyone has had the same, or even a solution maybe

Thank you :-)


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Changing nozzle heater from heater0 to heater1

by jabonet

My port heater0 seems to be malfunctioning. It stays ON all the time, flashed the memory upgraded the firmware nothing works, it simple shoots up to 275C and then gives me a maxtemp error.
Is there a way to switch the cables to Port D45 (heater1) where in Merlin 2 do I have to change this?

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Pronterface Connection Issues

by davisn4

So seemingly out of no where I can not connect to pronterface using Marlin 1.1.9. Clicking the connect button I am met with a never ending "Connecting..." attempt. When pronterface says "Connecting..." if I unplug either side of the cable it throws an error(expected). I am also still able to upload new Arduino files and the Kossel acts normal by restarting after the upload is complete. I also have tried resetting pronterface and connecting several times with no success. The last piece of troubleshooting I tried was turning it off, walking away for a few hours, and coming back. That didn't work lol! I have another Trigorilla board I could swap in but that seems slightly extreme.

Anyone else have similar issues?

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PETG on my E3D on my Anycubic Kossel

by Old-Steve

So I've had my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus for a few months now.
I have modified it with my E3D effector and belt tensioning carriages.
I like the E3D clones that I buy on Ebay. I use them with my Anycubic and my DaVinci Pro.
When I was printing long flat objects in PLA on the Anycubic Delta, I was getting corner curl, like it was ABS.
I was amazed. I didn't know PLA did that. I asked some questions, someone recommended making some tiny slices in the corners and that helped. Someone else recommended PETG, they said it printed like PLA, was strong and heat resistant like ABS, and didn't curl. I bought a small roll and tried it. I bought a couple more rolls. I like it. I am printing kind of slow with PETG, 40 mm/s at 235.
I am getting a lot of build up around the nozzle. It will eventually clump up and then deposit itself somewhere in the print, making a big uneven blob.
I am using my normal old .4 mm nozzles that I use with PLA and ABS. Should I be using stainless steel nozzles for PETG? Or am I too hot? Or a different size nozzle? I like the material but the build up and blobs are getting annoying. This doesn't happen with PLA, only PETG.
Thanks in advance

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Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus + Trigorilla MB

by el_diabolo

Hi i have an config problem with the display FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER, its dosnt work can everybody help me.

Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus + Trigorilla MB + FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER

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