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Replacement Heatbed (Cable) Source in Germany?

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I just found that my heatbed cabling suffers from a broken wire, and now would like to replace the entire heatbed, or possibly only the cabling.

Do you know any source for either of these, preferrably in Germany or offering quick delivery to there at reasonable cost? Many thanks in advance!

why is this still on sticky? The first page is full of Sticky posts, I cant even load up page 2 or the rest of the forum.

It's just the weird user interface. You have to click on "General" (ot something like that) on the forum landing page to escape the sticky zone!

Thanks a lot! I think the heat bed cable has a total core diameter of 1 mm though - isn't that a bit larger than 22 gauge?

Replacement of cables is not complicated and much cheaper than replacement of whole bed. You only need a basic soldering knowledge (or a friend, who can do it). The cables for replacement you can buy in any shop with RC models (silicone cable with similar or higher diameter). It costs 1-2€ per meter. The whole heatbed cost about 25 € and (due to coronavirus problems) are often out of stock.

Hm, did you actually make that repair? Rimbalin in his German answer pointed out he had no success with it despite heating the original solder to 450 °C, so maybe it's not that easy.

Thanks, sounds like a good approach! Probably will take me longer than just "dropping in" a prefebricated replacement unit, though.

Viel spaß beim Löten...
Meine Lötstation geht bis 450° und ich habe den Zinn nicht flüssig bekommen.

Danke! Hast Du dann ein neues Heatbed montiert, und wo hast Du es ggf. gekauft?

Ist schon länger her, habe mir eine 220v 500w silicon Heizmatte geholt.
Ende letzten Jahres haben sie dir die Teile für 16,-€ hinterher geschmissen....
Aber jetzt - sieht schlecht aus - habe auf die Schnelle nichts gefunden...

Das Original-Heizbett hat aber nur 24 V, oder? Wo schließt Du das 220-V-Teil an?

Äh - mein Netzteil hat auch 230v... deins auch! - Ganz links 230v Input - Phase / Nullleiter / Erde - Gelle!
Das ganze läuft über ein 230v SSR mit 12v Steuerspannung...
Das Original Heizbett hat nur 12 V kann aber auch mit 24v betrieben werden

Oh ... gute Lösung! :-)

I do not know, where exactly the original wire is damaged, but probably not exactly at the heatbed. And the first 10 cm of cable are behind bed, not moving anymore (respective is moving with bed).
So, if you would have problem with soldering directly on bed, you can simple cut the cable 2-3 cm from soldering point, solder the new cable (cable to cable) with any Zinn and fix by shring tube. The second cable connect i.e. 2 cm from first (not in the same place).
The same you can do with temperature sensor cable, you only need smaller diameter of shrink tube. All it have any RC modell shop.

I am using chain for heatbed cables (my design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4236014 ) but also without it, the cable does not move between soldering point and a corner screw, where is fixed by plastic band. So there can be cable simple soldered without any risk of cracking.

Anycubic Mega Heatbed Chain

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I did what you suggested, and the fix passed the smoke test, showed a correct temperature reading, and heated up to the correct target temperature.

Remains to find out how long my fix survives heavy use :-)

Big thanks to everyone else in this thread, too!