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printing problem

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows what the problem is with my printer. First the printer was printing verry good parts, then one day it started printing realy weard. Ive leveld the bad about 3 times again but that dit not work. someone an idea?

Have you checked the nozzle? I had a tiny piece break off the exit bore once ... easy to spot if you look for it, but it took me a while to notice because I was fixated on bed levelling and such! :-D

I had horrendous prints for quite a while. I downloaded the latest version of Cura from the ultimaker website and started from scratch. I used their Anycubic Mega preset (Settings > Printers > New) and that preset - despite having almost identical settings to what I was already using - seemed to print perfectly.

I had previously tried bed levelling, extrusion speed, flow rate and temperature settings to fix it, but it seems the new profile done the job.

I had the same problem. Filament to a higher quality
I replaced it with the brand. Then I removed the Nozzle and cleaned it.

My nozzle temperature 200
My Bed temperature 60

Ive printed with this filament before and always had good results, its from the brand real filament. It also always printing well at the start but starts to print bad after a while, sometimes after 5 min, sometimes after 30 min, ...

Despite some clogging/extrusion problems it looks like your nozzle is too far away from the bed on the initial layer.
The brim and first layer lines are not closed. This should continue on the other layers as well.

Is your AI3M still stock or did you change anything? Maybe a silent Noctua fan for cooling the coldend?

thanks for your reply, my anycubic is not changed, i left everything just like it was when i got it.

indeed the lines are too far apart. Print some 5 square patterns releasing the 4 knobs the same amount (measuring by its dents) until the center one has fused lines when you remove it from the surface. You could also update your firmware (excellent work by this user: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3249319) to get software mesh leveling, as many beds seam to be concave.
Try strengthening the pressure on you extruder spring a bit (could be an easy fix). Exchange stepper drivers (one Z for the extruder) to see if the problem is there.

Anycubic i3 Mega / Mega-S Marlin 1.1.9 Custom Firmware - Extra Features & Quality Tweaks

Since you're asking for it - are the silent Noctua fans known to be a source of problems sometimes?

I installed one on my printer and didn't notice any difference (except that it got a bit quiter, of course).

Yeah the Noctua fans are silent but won't properly cool the coldend and can cause cloggs or other issues.

Thanks for confirming that - I'll keep that in mind even if I haven't noticed any issues yet! :-)

The nozzle may be clogged. You can watch youtube video about problem.

thank you all for responding

i am first looking if the nozzel is the problem. Ive cleaned it, and replaced it with a new one just to be sure (kept the old one as a spare). I am now printing the same file as my last photos and the brim looks already much more like i am used to. I will see for the whole print if its okay.

-> still the same problem, so its not the nozzel
-> i changed my cura settings from my costum settings to the normal default settings from cura, and now the problem is fixed. It is weard tho, becouse i checked in cura what the differences are between my settings and the ones from cura, and they are almoste identical... but it worked

That looks quite good now!
A good first layer (adhesion) is the half battle won.

Did you check the bowden inside the heatbreak whether this is still good and plane or not.
If the bowden is not fitting properly to the nozzle it might leak filament and causing clogs during the print.

yes checked it, and looks good :)

unfortunatly the print is redoing the same as before, at first it looked good, but now not anymore. it is a bit better then before, as the lines are more close to eachother, but once in a while it leaves a gap...

Looks like a temporary under extrusion. What says the hotend temperature during that issue?
Does the extruder/feeder lose steps (clicking noise) when that happens?
What kind of filament is this? Can you retest with a different and reliable/good vendor?

Is the coldend fan properly spinning?

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