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Painters tape on Bed Mega i3

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Hello Community!!!
The printer is not working for more than 3-10 seconds. But when I change the setting to "heated bed" OFF, the g-code works perfectly.
I am using PLA material. I was wondering if I can use painters tape and not need to heat up the bed?

Check the Errorcode from Marlin. That sounds like a broken cable, wiggly contacts or even a short circuit. Would check all that things first, since there could be a fire hazard.

Hi, how can I do that?

It works.
To try to fix the issue install a MOSFET. It is pretty simple to do and may fix your problem without having to mess and test the main board (that must be heating up):

Anycubic I3 Mega MKS Mosfet Holder

Hello brunoosti,
Holly Mother of baby Jesus.
I think you are correct. This is what we did until we get the part here.... I hope this helps other people too!

Holly s..t!! hehe
be careful not to fry your main board (like I did, trying to print ABS at 110C heated bed : (

Well, I just installed both MOSFETS and the problem still there... sadness

Did you check your MB fan? Maybe it's running slower than it should.

I haven't check that. Do you have a good replacement fan for it? Recommendations?

SUNON KDE1205PHV1 Fan 505015 12V 1.3W 2pin
It is not as quiet as anycubic's, but blows much more air (not quiet, but no as noisy as the part cooling fan, so.. you'll wont even hear it wile printing)
If you want a more silent one, search for 0.8W 50mm fans or 12v around 0.07 mA.
Some people use Noctuas 40mm 0.6W. Supper silent, but expensive in my opinion (and there is the part cooling fan noise...)

Thanks. I will get one

i should be fine. Using PLA, bed at 60 C.
Thanks bud, if ever in Vancouver, send me a message, beer on me sir! [IF YOU ARE OVER 19]

You bet! haha! Someday after this quarantine I shall plan a trip to Canada.
I should point out: if a simple fan worked out for you, is your MB fan working fine?

If you don't want to actually fix it, I don't see why not. You'll probably have to stick with PLA for material though. There are printers without heated beds, and people do manage to print PLA on them, though I haven't done it.

Thanks, i will try it.