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Bed temperature showing -14 (continuation)

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like discussed in this thread: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/anycubic-i3-mega/forums/general/topic:42941
after trying to print ABS at 105C bed temperature my printer failed and started showing -14C for the bed temperature.
I ordered a new bed and installed it with no success. It still shows -14C.
Main board failed?? : ( How can I test to be sure? Thanks!

Any suggestions? (seriously, any, before I order another main board)

I would have said that the thermistor of the bed has had it...
Connect the the hotend thermistor to MB to check if it still shows -14°...

Where do I find the hotend thermistor wire connected to the board? It looks like that smaller board over the main one, that connects to t0, is used to bridge the hotend thermistor somehow (???).

Quote: "I ordered a new bed and installed it with no success" - so you should know where the Heatbed thermistor connector is....
Then you just connect your spare hotend thermistor to that Heatbed thermistor connector - you have to improvise...

didn't think of that! (forgot I had a spare hotend) That is a good idea! Will test it.

Yep... tested with a V6 hotend I ordered in the past, that already has the right connector, still -14C. Something must have had burnt on the MB.

tested MB voltage after watching this: https://youtu.be/c8EpRfSNSXo?t=86
and mine says 4.45v when it should be at least 4.8v . Death sentence for the MB?... everything else works fine though...
: ( another 2 months for it to arrive.

No le veo sentido a esa medida....

Si está midiendo la tensión de alimentación (y se alimenta por USB):

La tensión será la del USB menos las perdidas (hay cables muy malos, solo pensados para señales no alimentación).

Además... 5v - 10% = 4.5 (y está en normas de USB)

Has tenido en cuenta que 'por muy digital que sea el medidor' si no está calibrado en laboratorio (y recalibrado de forma cíclica) el medidor NO es fiel: solo vale como referente para comparar.

Si la medida es en el pin de la sonda:

Tenemos unas resistencias (una de ellas variable) que modulan la tensión

Una de ellas (en la CPU) puede conectarse o no a voluntad... ¿no sería interesante volver a cargar el Sofá de la maquina?
Puede haber perdido su configuración y si no la perdió... no pasa NADA, seguirá igual que antes (solo se ha refrescado el contenido)

Sin sonda en el pin activo debería haber aprox. 5 v (temperatura bajo cero)
Si ponemos la sonda debería marcar aproximadamente la temperatura ambiente
Si hacemos un puente a la sonda, debería marcar un error por exceso de temperatura (más de 300º)

Utiliza un resistor variable de unos 100.000 ohm en lugar de la sonda, al ajustarlo debería aparecer una temperatura (virtual) acorde al ajuste.

---- Google --

I don't see any sense in that measure …

If you are measuring the supply voltage (and powered by USB):

The voltage will be that of the USB minus the losses (there are very bad cables, only intended for non-power signals).

Also ... 5v - 10% = 4.5 (and it's in USB standards)

You have taken into account that 'no matter how digital the meter is' if it is not calibrated in the laboratory (and recalibrated cyclically) the meter is NOT faithful: it is only valid as a reference to compare.

If the measurement is on the probe pin:

We have resistances (one of them variable) that modulate the voltaje

One of them (in the CPU) can be connected or not at will ... wouldn't it be interesting to reload the sofa from the machine?

You may have lost your configuration and if you did not lose it ... NOTHING happens, it will stay the same as before (only the content has been refreshed)

Without probe on the active pin there should be approx. 5 v (sub-zero temperature)

If we put the probe it should approximately indicate the room temperatura

If we bridge the probe, it should mark an error due to excess temperature (more than 300º)

It uses a variable resistor of about 100,000 ohm instead of the probe, when adjusting it, a (virtual) temperature should appear according to the adjustment.

Entrenando my espanol que no hablo hace mucho! : D
Lots of interesting info there
I tried resetting the board and reinstalling firmware with no success.
I'll test with the spare hot end thermistor now as suggested by Rimbalin.

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