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Bed temperature showing -14

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I was trying to print ABS and had my bed at 110C the first time and 105 the second. Both times the printer stoped around 50%, 1h30 into the print. Also, I had one of those aluminum sheets with the aluminum part up to help conserve temp. After the second fail now my bed temperature always show -14.and I can't heat anything up. What have I done? : (
Thermistor gone bad? Melted something on the main board?
The axis work fine.
Edit: I think maybe my ultrabase cracked. How do I test the connections to know where the problem is coming from?

assuming it is the BED temp that shows the -14 (assumed C), then the BED thermistor wires are SHORTED, unfortunatly the cheapest fix is to replace the entire bed with a new replacement( on ebay au they are about au$35 each) so not that expensive, but you will have to re-calibrate the entire bed after replacing it

Or something like here:

Recalibrating the bed? I assume it means bed PID tuning - which is of course a "must do" once you get the highly recommended firmware 1.1.9.

to me, re-calibrate the bed is 1 re-level the ENTIRE bed with both the bed AND hotend at working temps
2 then re-pid the bed,
3 print some bed calibration objects, if these print correctly ,then you can resume normal printing

Wile testing the hotend heated up but it didn't show in the display. Bed did not heat.
Trying to heat through de display menu commands does not heat bed (displaying -14/0c or hotend (room temp/0c).

PID / Temperature calibration:

M106 S191
M303 E0 S210 C15 U1
SENDING:M303 E0 S210 C15 U1
PID Autotune start
bias: 144 d: 110 min: 202.86 max: 215.57
bias: 148 d: 106 min: 203.35 max: 215.78
bias: 145 d: 109 min: 205.00 max: 215.26 Ku: 27.05 Tu: 30.80
Classic PID
Kp: 16.23 Ki: 1.05 Kd: 62.49
bias: 144 d: 110 min: 205.31 max: 215.05 Ku: 28.76 Tu: 29.33
Classic PID
Kp: 17.26 Ki: 1.18 Kd: 63.26
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.36 max: 215.36 Ku: 28.24 Tu: 29.98
Classic PID
Kp: 16.95 Ki: 1.13 Kd: 63.52
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.00 max: 215.52 Ku: 26.87 Tu: 30.31
Classic PID
Kp: 16.12 Ki: 1.06 Kd: 61.07
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 204.82 max: 215.26 Ku: 27.08 Tu: 30.64
Classic PID
Kp: 16.25 Ki: 1.06 Kd: 62.22
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.00 max: 215.36 Ku: 27.27 Tu: 30.15
Classic PID
Kp: 16.36 Ki: 1.09 Kd: 61.66
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.00 max: 215.47 Ku: 27.00 Tu: 30.47
Classic PID
Kp: 16.20 Ki: 1.06 Kd: 61.71
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.00 max: 215.10 Ku: 27.97 Tu: 29.98
Classic PID
Kp: 16.78 Ki: 1.12 Kd: 62.91
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 204.91 max: 215.57 Ku: 26.51 Tu: 30.80
Classic PID
Kp: 15.91 Ki: 1.03 Kd: 61.24
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 204.87 max: 215.47 Ku: 26.66 Tu: 30.47
Classic PID
Kp: 16.00 Ki: 1.05 Kd: 60.93
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.00 max: 215.52 Ku: 26.87 Tu: 30.47
Classic PID
Kp: 16.12 Ki: 1.06 Kd: 61.41
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 205.00 max: 215.21 Ku: 27.69 Tu: 30.48
Classic PID
Kp: 16.61 Ki: 1.09 Kd: 63.29
bias: 143 d: 111 min: 204.33 max: 215.57 Ku: 25.14 Tu: 30.97
Classic PID
Kp: 15.09 Ki: 0.97 Kd: 58.39
PID Autotune finished! Put the last Kp, Ki and Kd constants from below into Configuration.h

define DEFAULT_Kp 15.09

define DEFAULT_Ki 0.97

define DEFAULT_Kd 58.39

Error:Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed
[ERROR] Error:Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed

Error:Printer halted. kill() called!
[ERROR] Error:Printer halted. kill() called!

the Heater_ID: bed CONFIRMS the bed thermistor is the fault, the displayed -14c suggests either a failed to open thermistor OR a open in the thermistor wiring (due to the temp co-effcient profile for thermistors ie the higher the temp the lower the resistance reading so a -14 temp is about 200k+ ohms.
if the thermistor and wiring is healthy(ie no problems) the temps SHOULD be the room temp except when printing or cooling down after printing

The results:
Cables have continuity: 0.5 Ohms.
Resistance on the bed is measuring 1.4 Ohms. Anycubic says it should be 1.2 http://support.anycubic.com/Login/detail?problem_id=dc5f23ebs6MegpBlNUSUIbAQIIVgIEUwJSAkpAHA (maybe it translated back to Chinese)
Also measured continuity for each blue and green thermoster cable and they showed 0.5.
But when measuring though both cables (like touching opposing soldered points), nothing (1).
And some more images of the possible damage.
New thermoster? What about that crack on the bed?

as the resistance between the thermistor pads on the bed are not connected, that tells me that either the bed heater has a crack that breaks the tracks on the bed OR the thermistor either has broken(open circuit) or has detached from the bed ( on one or both of the contact at the thermistor), in my opinion, the quickest and easiest way to fix is to replace the entire heatbed

I've just ordered one in AliExpress. Now a month and a half wait : |
(I'm in Brasil and my customs suck)

Thank you for the explanation. I hope it is only the bed / thermistor and not anything on the board.
As discussed in a ABS thread I opened before, it probably is, as the screen reading before the -14 was 145C, and the bed must have heated over that, cracking itself, as the firmware could not read the temp from the thermistor.
Well I'll do some resistance and connectors checking tonight and get back with the results.