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Planning to print PETG for first time, any special requirements?

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Hello all,
New to 3d printing and I've been tinkering a bit. I'd like to print a new housing for the hotend and I'm planning to use overture PETG. I've read that there may be special considerations when printing PETG on a glass bed. Is it safe to print PETG directly onto the ultrabase, or should I put down a layer of painters tape first?


When I print PETG with the ultrabase, I just put the hotbed at 90°C and the hotend at 250°C and it does the job perfectly

As far as printing directly onto the ultrabase goes, that was my biggest problem with PETG. I couldn't get prints to stick to it even with brims, no matter how well the bed was cleaned. I know some people had the opposite experience with it sticking too well, but it probably depends on the brand of PETG and other stuff. The way I solved this was with painters tape as you suggested. It made all the difference! After that, I was able to continue printing with the bed at 60°C without any problems. I actually used masking tape instead of blue painters tape, but it worked perfectly anyways. Good luck with experimenting!

Below covers pretty much all... my 2 cents

  • no bridging then keep part fan at 0%
  • Watch first layer like a hawk with tweezers at the ready
  • Use purge start code

I get it to draw a single line near the front.. I add this near the bottom of my start gcode
G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length
G1 X5 Y5 Z0.25 F1000.0 ; go intro start pos
G1 X60.0 E9.0 F600.0 ; intro line to prime extruder
G1 X100.0 E16 F800.0 ; intro line
G92 E0.0 ; reset extruder distance position
G1 F{travel_speed}
M117 Printing...

I find this much better than using skirts

Also don't get disparaged at first... PETG is a pain in the butt but once dialed in it makes really strong clean prints.
Lastly if you find a manufacturer that works well... keep ordering the same brand as you will get crap filament from time to time until you find a good brand.

there are three important settings for printing petg that are different from printing pla -> travel speed twice the speed, fan cooling half the speed, temperature 20 % higher, thats it, just try for yourself

Its safe to print PETG.
-Make sure the base is clean (IsoPropylAlcohol)
-Heatbed at 80°C
-~20mm/s first 2 layers
-~50-70mm/s others
-~120mm/s Travel (also first layer)
-Printtemp 235°C
-Coasting on
-for the start and HotEnd use, use 85%gyroid infill. It allows to have slight errors in extruder calibration.
-recalibrate Extruder, as the material is softer than PLA wrt Extruder-marks
If you print Transparent, print slower and 100% infill

I like PETG a lot.
Mostly I use 15%gyroid infill, 2 layers bottom, 4layers Top.

On my Anycubic mega S, I am printing 90% of things from PETG (mostly DevilDesign from Polland). You can see some of them if you review my published things here.
My secure settings is bed 90°C, printing temperature 235°C, retraction 4,2mm, skirt 20mm/s, minimal skirt length 150mm, first layer 10mm/s, other layers 30-60mm/s by position (30mm/s is used for outer and top layers, 45 - 60 for internal parts). No cooling at start, from layer 5 cooling 40%.
It keeps well on Ultrabase, cleaned before printing by IPA. To easy remove finished thing, it is required to left ultrabase get cool. Used layer heigth 0,15 - 0,3 dependent of printed thing. For 0,15mm layer heigth I am using first layer 0,2mm, for others the same as rest of layers.
For bigger things brim may be required to prevent edge deformations.