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Share you ABS settings in Cura please

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I have had zero luck with ABS. The first layer does not stick. Or it bends on the side if the bed is too cold.
No matter what settings I try I can't print anything with this type of filament on this printer.
Can someone share their Material settings in CURA 3.0.4 for ABS please ?

Thank you


I guess I'm a little late to the game. Just wanted to thank everyone that posted, the enclosure worked for me. After a few disastrous attempts at printing with ABS, the enclosure did the trick. All I did was take some clear plastic sheet 3mm, folded in half to make a square of about 4' x 4' and just draped it over the printer. I kind of folded in the corners but not tight just so I can peek in the front to see the progress. Also the bed temp is at 105 and head is at 250. My last 2 prints were a success! Hope this helps someone else.

Make sure heat bed is at 80-100 degrees.
Nozzle is at 234 for me usually for normal grade ABS. below this I find it does not adhere to previous layer well. This is really important for ABS to avoid cracking due to contraction while printing.
Personally i preheat the bed, add a cap-full of acetone to the bed, then rub some abs onto it to create an ABS film before printing with ABS.
Other recommendations are Rafts or brims.

As of December 2018, I still have the same issue. I am going to try to make a home made enclosure. PVC for the skeleton, and I'll see what I can slide in to keep the heat in. If any of you did it, can you please share your experience ?

Also. what type of filament can I use so I don t have those issues with Anycubic I3 Mega / Simplify 3D ?

Back to this topic, I used Simplify3D as RCOWRIN3 suggested and I was able to print better ABS.
I is probably the way they handle the speed of the extruder, and the speed of the fan.
I will update this topic after my next bigger projects.

Thanks for the trick !

A few things that will help u to print ABS:

  • Heatbead Insulation ( the i3 mega v1 had it the ultrabed version doesn´t)
  • Part cooling fan off
  • Heatbed set to min 100 degrees
  • A printer enclosure (a must have)

Printing with heated bed higher as well as some abs juice and rafts help but consider lower fan settings as well as a covered environment as abs does not like drafts.
I would also suggest looking into using ASA filament. Bed temp is about 60C for product and it holds up better than abs. There are some very good reviews on ASA on YouTube.
Let me know how it works for you as I will be getting some ASA next month.
Good luck!
If you can swing it financially I would also suggest Simplify3D as your slicer program. Much more control over your settings!

I'll try Simplify3D and will let you know.
I'll give it one more try with ABS then will try ASA. Let me know how it goes for you.

I was having a similar issue even with a whistle I was printing in ABS. I resolved it by putting a brim and it printed beautifully. I also had the bed set to like 105 degrees Celsius. I have yet to try a brim on a much larger print, however, before the whistle, I had to print a platform jack which at first warped so bad that the layers shifted. I raised the temp from the previous 90 degrees and bumped it to 105. The print came out relatively well with some slight warping at the bottom. Raising the bed temp and giving it a brim has seemed to help in my experience.

I am at this moment busy with testing out the posibilities of printing with ABS to make it a video review.
So far, I have had no real succes. Small parts printed fine, but the moment they get a bit bigger, they warp and fall from the bed or they have problems higher in the print loosing layer adhesion.

If I find a solution, I will let you know.

Hey !

This is exactly the same issue I am having. Small prints are ok. Bigger are not adhering to the bed, even with a skirt. And if they do, the extremities wrap and lose adhesion. I thought I had a bad ABS patch. It might be the printer ...

Nope, you just need an enclosure, this will help a lot - so the ABS won´t cool to fast and shrink.

Rimbalin / saint42

The enclosure is a must.
I just use furniture clear poly bags over the entire machine. One usually is enough. This allows you to monitor the print through the bag without releasing the heat. Building enclosures takes time, cost and space. The clear poly is quick and easy & traps the fumes pretty well too.
Supplement the interior heat with a quick blast from a heat gun. It has to be real warm ~ 120°F (50°C) or better.

same it was on my printer (ultrabase). And when I try to take away printed object, the object take also part of ultrabase. When I ask for that Anycubic info, they told me, that ABS was not recomended.

Great - then they did lie to you:

Upgrade your printer with Ultrabase! You can get full support from the manual and video.
Temperature settings for different filaments:

         1. PLA:50-70ºC
         2. Flexible filament: 50-70ºC
         3. ABS:100-125ºC ( 110ºCis recommended )
         4. PC:100-130ºC ( 120ºC is recommended )
         5. Nelon:90-120ºC ( 110ºC is recommended )
         6. PP:100-130ºC ( 120 ºC is recommended )
         7. PETG: 50-70ºC

Hello Rimbalin,
"Upgrade your printer with Ultrabase" - you mean new firmware (actually I have stock FW), or install ultrabase? Actually I have ultrabase (on some places was part of this ultrabase film peel of when I try to take of ABS print, but early I receive new one from helpdesk.

Quote: "When I ask for that Anycubic info, they told me, that ABS was not recomended."

These are the ANYCUBIC recommended settings:

     1. PLA:50-70ºC
     2. Flexible filament: 50-70ºC

-------3. ABS:100-125ºC ( 110ºCis recommended )-------

  1. PC:100-130ºC ( 120ºC is recommended )
  2. Nelon:90-120ºC ( 110ºC is recommended )
  3. PP:100-130ºC ( 120 ºC is recommended )
  4. PETG: 50-70ºC

Like i said the lied to you...
You should put your printer in an enclosure, this will help a lot - so the ABS won´t cool to fast and warp.

Same here, ultrabase version.