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General information collated into the most often asked questions and answers.
NOT an official Anycubic-operated forum; just customers discussing their machines.

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Share you ABS settings in Cura please

by saint42


I have had zero luck with ABS. The first layer does not stick. Or it bends on the side if the bed is too cold.
No matter what settings I try I can't print anything with this type of filament on this printer.
Can someone share their Material settings in CURA 3.0.4 for ABS please ?

Thank you

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where to make designs

by droc41

hey everyone i am new to all things 3D printing. i was wondering what people use to make their designs? ive been on tinkercad and just wanted to know what eles people use.


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I3 Mega (Hotend) fan 2 losing power when Hotend reaches 50°

by Gruenbaer

Dear all,

I have a small LED strip soldered to fan 2, the Hotend fan.
When I turn on my I3 Mega, the Hotend fan starts blowing at full speed and the LED strip lightens up.

If I now preheat, the LEDs turn off at 50° and the fan becomes much slower. If I stop it with a finger it cannot start spinning again of its own - I gotta give it a little shove.

Up to now it was the other way around.
When idle nothing would move nor the LEDs shine.
Once the 50° were eceeded the hotend fan ran full speed and the LEDs turned on.

I have Merlin 1.1.9 installed for a year now and haven`t changed a thing.

Do you have any ideas how I could resolve this?


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Fan potencies vs quietness

by brunoosti

Well... I've been modding my i3 mega-s and tried to follow the silent fans path. But I got worried about choosing the wrong fans, and getting things too hot, and went after some specs to know what potencies should I look for. So i found this image: https://cdn.thingiverse.com/assets/77/29/23/94/b2/Ai3_fan_pic.jpg ; and with this calculator: https://convert-formula.com/a-v-w bought some Sunon fans that are not as quite as quiet I was expecting (even louder than anycubic's). Did some research and realize the quiet fans (like Noctuas) are much lower potencies (0.6W) than advised on that picture. For an instance, the mega-s drivers/MB fan is 0.8w and I got a 1.3w one which pushes much more air, but is considerably louder. Having installed TMC2208s I'm concerned about proper cooling on the drivers.
So, do quitter fans run drivers hotter? Should I even be concerned?
Another point: the overall quietness of the printer boils down to the part cooling fan, doesn't it?
I'm installing a 50mm 3.8w blower fan to get the best overhangs possible, which is not as noisy as anycubic's one, but it certainly is not quiet at full speed.
And finally: is it possible to regulate speed on those fans via firmware or such (like how we do with the part cooling fan)?

What I bought:
drivers: SUNON KDE1205PHV1 50x15mm 1.3W
PSU: SUNON KD1206PHB2 60x15mm 1.9W
hotend: SUNON HA40101V4 40x10mm 0.8W
Part cooling: Blower Centrifuge BFB0512HH 50mm 3.8W

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