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General information collated into the most often asked questions and answers.
NOT an official Anycubic-operated forum; just customers discussing their machines.

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Just replaced motherboard, Now it's even more broke.

by LewisKolb

I had a problem with my heatbed not heating, Saw that the Motherboard was measuring 0v at the heatbed terminals so I bought a new one.

I'm just replacing it now, and of course installed everything exactly like how the last one was, and of course, it's now not working at all.

the screen powers on, the menu's work, but that's it.

Steppers are dead, Thermistors are measuring 0 degrees. It dosen't even sing the little startup song.

Do I have to flash it or something?

Its a brand new heatbed too so I'm pretty sure the thermistor is fine.


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PLA sticks like glue

by rangerrod

I recently replaced my ultra top with a new one. I leveled the bed checked and rechecked o make sure everything is aligned. My printer still works like a champ. The issue I am now having is that, even after the bed cools, my model is stuck to the bed like glue. None of the settings have changed, in fact I lowered the bed temp by 10 degrees. It does not matter if I have support or not. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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TMC2208, Is this noise normal?

by AmyTheBun

I installed the tmc2208 and i'm quiet dissapointed. my x axis is almost dead silent most of the print buy my Y axis can be very loud.

here is a clip of my Y axis moving.
this is kinda louder irl and happens very often when it's drawing around in circles at 50mm/s
the travels (100mm/s or even 80mm/s) get VERY annoying.



https://photos.app.goo.gl/hAHqcSWuvb4zqoVJ6 (as you can see here the x axis is near silent on at the same speed.

I use bushings btw so no noise when I turn them by myself. this issue exists the same with linear ball bearings. once i connect the belt to the y axis it gets harder to move (I think that's expected?! right...) and it makes this sound.

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Recommendation for replacement stepper motors.

by Kajashey

I've had my anycubic mega for one and a half years and always had a little trouble with my extruder stepper motor.

Now I have big trouble. I get shifted layers, missing layers, sometimes it's not even extruding parts of the first layer. Things that are under extrusion problems.

I replaced the hotend and saw no change. I bought a cheap nema 17 stepper motor from amazon and saw worse performance. Now I looking to try and find a quality replacement but I don't even know what to spec for a decent motor. I'm looking to have one or two powerful motors that could be drop in replacements as I know nothing of stepper drivers.

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