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Temperature settings change when I start printing?

by donnabrune

temperature settings change unexpectedly when I begin printing. I set the temps at the desired number let the chiron preheat then start printing. The second I start printing the temperature setting reverts to 200C nozzle and 60 for the bed. Not hot enough for the material I am using. I've tried different print files, reboooting but have been unable to determine the cause. The machine had been working perfectly prior to this new behavior. Any ideas?

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by Dave57000

Hi i use IDEARMAKER for my slicing and have done for a long time IT'S BRILL but there's a problem using it with the Chiron and thanks to u/Stiefel_OS on reddit for sorting it
Anycubic Chiron resets leveling if a print sliced with ideamaker is started
I recently discovered a weird problem with my Anycubic Chiron. Each time I started a print sliced with Ideamaker the print started mid air and the automatic leveling of the printer was reset to default. I searched a little bit and found out that Anycubic uses the GCode "M1001" to set the printer to automatic leveling and "M1000" to set it to manuel leveling. The Problem with the gcode sliced by ideamaker is that it automatically adds "M1001" to the start GCode to display some messages on the Raise3D printers, however the Chiron thinks it should start automatic leveling and resets the leveling to default.
To compensate this behaviour you have to go to the printer settings in ideamaker and under the "advanced" tab check the point " omit raisetouch specified GCode".
if you haven't tried IDEARMAKER give it a go (just been updated )

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Connector size

by atmassie476

I'm hoping someone could tell me what type and size of the connectors on the part cooling fan on a my Chiron I've looked everywhere with no luck. I have some turbo fans I'm wanting to use but the connectors are to big and I have already bought two different size plug
kits with no luck so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Connecting to TriGorilla Board

by dvd67

I know many have already done this and now I am looking to do the same. I have programmed in most of the popular languages so I have the concept down but I am looking for the best board for connecting to the TriGorilla board to modify and build firmware for this.
I see many options out there but wanted feedback since I have not done much in the Arduino space which I am assuming this is close to. I skimmed a little information and have the Arduino IDE 1.8.13 already but the information seems scarce for this board.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. The more detail I can get, the better.

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Printer print problems (wont start printing)

by ToMoSK1

Hello guys so i got my chiron last friday.. thats 4 days of usage what happened today morning.
I started the printer and my fuse went off (old house happened once before since friday)
I turned everything on turned printer on set the project to print and now the bed should heat to 60 and nozzle to 200
what happens is that i can feel by hand that bed is getting warmer and warmer to extreme temp but the software only shhows starting temperature.. when i click stop it stops printing (showing that status screen) but the bed keeps heating. if i click cooling says done but nothing happens either. I had to go and in setting manualy set the temp to 0. But when i do that my nozzle wanted temp sets to 200 from the print settings and starts to heat. i let it heat to see what happens and thats when it reacdhes 140 it immediatelly jumps instead to 141 to 120 and stays there even thought nozzle gets more hot same as bed. When i set the nozzle temp to 0 manually printer autohomoes itself and starts to ''print'' as it wanted temperatures are met. Only way to stop it is turning the whole thing off.
Any idea what could happen what i can do?
I chcecked thermostat cables MBO visually for damage chcecked nozzle cables plugged unplugged everything but without success. Im desperate :/

help malfunction malfunctions problem
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