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Filament Purge Line

by 0hoosken

I want to do a purge line, in the front next to the brush, but am having trouble getting it to work, and on top of that, I have to replace my hotend and I keep messing up, so if someone has a working printer and spare "quaran-time" to get the g-code correct, that would be great!

ps: sorry bout the pun.

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Filament holder on a side

by foxel

Hi. Did anybody place the spool holder on the left or right side of the printer? maybe somebody thinking about the same.
I wanna move the holder to the left side and now thing about whether it's strong enough and how to mount the holder there...

Any thoughts?

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ABS Bed Adhesion Problem (Also about Initial Layer Height)

by NanaMiku

So I just bought 4Max Pro and have problem with bed adhesion and wall curling (printing ABS) . At first I thought my bed was not hot enough (100), so I tried increasing the bed to 110. The print starts but then it stopped completely, no error at all. When I tap pause or stop, the machine send the command but nothing happened. When I tried to use the home button or cooling, the machine won't let me because "the machine is running." I need to restart the machine.

For bed adhesion, I found something interesting. I already level the bed with paper. But when printing starts, the skirt won't stick to the bed. What I found is that the initial layer height setting in Cura is set to 0,3 mm, no matter what layer height I chose. So the print start at 0,3 mm, making my leveling completely useless. Do I just change the initial layer height in Cura to match the layer height? I also find this website about the first layer height: https://3dprinterwiki.info/tips/first-layer-settings/ Is this guide good?

For wall curling? How do I solve it? I turned off my fan but wall curling still happens.

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Hot end replacing issues

by TrollingJoker

So I was replacing the factory hot end with the given replacement but I've got two main issues. I've managed to remove the first hot end and I placed the second and while screwing everything back together I noticed that the hot end had some wiggle room. I figured it should be stuck in place but I can't make it happen for the life of me. I also can't remember if this is normal or not.

Also, which I believe is related to the first issue, I notice that I have one screw of which I can't remember where it is from. All I can think of is that this screw should be placed under the fan facing the door so it can bolt the hot end in place but it won't. Doing this doesn't fix the hot end in place and the screw is so loose that I'm afraid that it'll fall out during print.

Can anyone assist me here?


hotend replacement
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