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new 4max problems

by wolfen99

Did anyone else have a few problems with there 4max right out of the box, My cooling fan and my electronics box cooling fan had there wires crossed, the screen had a big white box showing on the display, and the cooling fan was not working at first, I had to take it off and mess with the wires to get it to work. and I don't know if this is what its suppose to do, but after a print, the bed drops almost all the way down. I also find it to be a pain to add filament when changing colors. it doesn't seem to want to go thru thru the extruder into the hotend very well. Ive had a ender 3 plus a anycubic I3 and I never had any problems loading filament with those. this 4max has a setup that I have not seen before.

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First time leveling issues.... Bed set too high??

by Draugluin

First day, out of the box. Attempting the first level. Home all- Home Z to lock the Z axis... Manually move the print head and it scrapped the bed. No matter how I adjust the thumb screws the bed is higher than the nozzle tip.... What did I do wrong???

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4 MaX Stringing with Simplify3d

by g_money

I am printing some models that has side bi side objects. I am using simplify3d. I all so useing Cura and still i get stringing . I have played around with Retraction in Simplify3d and got it better but still not goo like my ender3.
Anyone else have stringing issues with there 4MAX ?
Thanks for any comments.

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Anycubic company is no help so I need the community to help me p

by Jeremiah17

Recently my aluminum heater block that came with the printer cracked and started oozing out the bottom. I'm not sure why. I took it off and tossed it and went to order a new one the next day but I cant find any information on what size I need or where to buy one. I tried to put in a remedy ticket but I dont have my order number so I couldn't. Then I contacted anycubic for help and I have been emailing them for a couple weeks and the person helping me provides me with no information just keeps saying they need the order number to see if it's under warranty but I told him I didn't want them to replace the part I just needed to know what I needed and still they were no help. If anyone can help I really appreciate it.

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4Max Gone from AnyCubic website

by arodgers

I really like my 4Max. Out of the box it has been a great printer, and with some of the accessories from you all, it's even better. I bought it because I wanted something with a good sized print volume and enclosed so I can print ABS well. I'm also a cheapskate so this fit the bill.

But now it looks like it's not only obsolete, but they are trying to erase it from existence.

I went to the AnyCubic website to look for some info on the 4Max and found that they've removed all references to it. Even support info like manuals and assembly videos are gone. I knew before I bought it (new kit on ebay) that it hadn't gained much popularity, but I didn't expect the company to ever do something like this.

Anyone know anything about this? I've emailed the company, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, they say.

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