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A Brief Survey on Hot Bed Leveling

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Hi All,

I'm gathering some information to see if what I wish to do will be beneficial. (I got somethin' up my sleeve... :-) )

The only way I'll know is to "see" what's up with other folk.

So, I have a few easy questions I'd like to ask of anyone willing to provide answers.

And they are.....

  1. Are your Z motors synchronized? (as with pulleys and a belt, or one Z-motor with pulleys and a belt)

  2. How many mounting / leveling screws are on your Hot Bed?

  3. How often do you level / re-level your Hot Bed?

  4. How often do you HAVE to level / re-level your Hot Bed?

Folks, the more replies I get the bigger the overall picture becomes.

I'm trying to get an inner view of what the general printing public "norm" is, if indeed there even IS one.

Might be something we can all benefit from.

MUCH appreciation to any/all who choose to answer.


If you will, please limit your answers to the 4 questions.
There's plenty of room in other threads for personal commentary.
Thank You!

1: Not synced, just one z-motor and pulleys and a belt
2: 4
3: hard to say but not too often
4: Again, very hard to say but I only relevel when I have to

  1. Not synced, but might change that down the line.
  2. Currently use all 4 corners, but plan to change that to only 3 screws (2 on one side in the corners, and 1 on the other side in the center).
  3. Every few prints, in case the screws get loose or if there are noticeable changes.
  4. Any time I make a modification to the printer. If I adjust the Z-axis alignment, take apart the base, reapply blue painter's tape, etc. And, if I'm experiencing any adhesion issues that may be linked to the bed level.

Lately, I haven't had to make any adjustments and all has been well, but whenever I try out a new mod, I am sure to re-level and check everything before starting.

Well the idea is you shouldnt have to adjust once you get it perfect, I used to have to do it all in the early days but after I added bed leveling knobs and crazy glued the heads of the screws to the build plate they don't move now.
Try mine if you want https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2152617

Bed leveling knob and spacer for anet a8

I never tried Crazy Glue, but I do have Nylock nuts on my bed thumb screws. They serve the same purpose. The adjustments I need to make to the z-motor screws are either plus or minus. In other words, up or down as needed. It sounds like your problem was different from mine. The first, a bed that can't stay stationary. The second, z-motors that can't stay in sync.

From what you say it sounds like your z-motors stay in sync with each other and it's your bed that was getting out of alignment until you glued the nuts. Smart diagnosis. Problem solved. Easy fix.

My guess is out-of-sync dual z-motors are a more common issue than the later. Z-motors that can't stay synced are a can of worms. Keeping them in sync AND not losing vertical print height is the ultimate solution. I have a possible solution I have been working on in my head, but I don't have the motivation to pursue it until I find the right parts.

  1. No.
  2. Four.
  3. I'm a perfectionist, so I check for level after each print with my Anet A8 $4 Bed Leveling. It only takes me 15-20 seconds to check it and make any minor tweaks, generally less than 0.1 mm edge-to-edge on the x-axis.
  4. I find I "need" to re-level after every filament change.
Anet A8 $4 Bed Leveling