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led strip lighting???

led_strip lighting

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I have this led strip 'chunk' lying around, and i was wondering if i could plug it directly into the PSU of my Anet A8? or will the high amps just blow it?

...and even if you reverse polarity the worse that will happen is they won't light up. Lighting current is not trivial, and in fact requires more ampacity than switched loads and motors of similar amp rating. NEC requires double capacity for an all lighting circuit. So you are right in questioning it, but most strips consume 10mA per led. 100 LEDs would be a bit much, but even then double capacity would be 2A... that is 10% of the stock a8 psu... if you believe it is justly rated by the manufacturer. ;)

My stock a8 got supply got really hot even without lights... I added a fan... still stayed uncomfortably warm (the end of the chassis opposite the terminals). I replaced with a popular clone 30a supply, and feel I should have started off with a better (yet more expensive) modern quality led supply (like the 90+% efficient meanwell units). 3dp already cones with enough reasons to catch the house on fire... a quality psu is the foundation of a safe(r) printer.

This is why I use PC power supplies. They offer built in short, over and under voltage protections including over current. They come with a fan and if you have some soldering and wiring skill they can be modified to have only the cords you need.

On my new CR-10 S5 I replaced it's trash "20amp" psu after the first 4 hour print had it hot and smelling burnt. I used a $30 LEPA 500 watt ATX power supply that delivers 34 amps on 12v and 30 amps on 5v. The 5v is used for my raspberry pi and octoprint.

Every single one of my 4 printers use a PC power supply now for safety and combined with Marlin FW and a few other basic mods I have had zero meltdowns.

This is common and covered in my Octoprint tutorial if you want web based full control!

Octoprint and GPIO Control Tutorial!

If the leds are 12v, and the output is 12v, the leds will consume very little amps. Just get the polarity correct. Should work fine, I added 2 12v led strip pieces to mine.