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Bad Filament?

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This is the second time this has happened it ends up being a huge hassle. It just stops extruding my retraction rate is lower than it was before and my print temp is 208 for the PLA but I don’t know what else.

Ive read on multiple sites that The anet A8 heat sink and fan are next to useless (deadwood engineering). I have been running an anet A8 without a heat sink and fan for 2 years (at times above 230c) and have not seen this issue. I have had clogs after changing between filament types (like ABS too PLA) - usually the stepper just clicks and clicks. Clean your nozzle and check and make sure that the temp is what it says it is.

For PLA to bend like that and not break it has to be heated. Guess you are lucky tried that and was not happy with the problems it caused.

Same here I'm not 100% sure why it keeps doing it the area does get hot but I mean I've done a 48 hour print at one setting without issues like this and no fan and heatsink on it so I don't know.

Looks like the filament is getting to hot above the heat sink the filament has to be heated in order to bend in that manner. Do you run the printer without the fan? Or did you remove it to take the picture and clear the jam? The tube should be as close to the gear as possible. 208 may be a bet hot but should not cause your problem.

He does not have any fan and heat-sink installed, witch should be, you can see the screws on the bottom.
208c is not too really hot, but at the limit of the highest temp what PLA can be printed
Am printing at 210 with out any issues .

I did not say it was too hot but it is at the top end for PLA I print at 195 to 200c for PLA+ I print between 208 and 212c. All printers very I dont think that there temps are a 100% accurate.I have 3 printers and they appear very a few degrees.

Looks like the problem is too much heat above the hot end and the tube may be too far form the extruder gear , What do you think ?

He needs to run his heatsink and cooling fan.

PLA temps: I'm currently printing an RC airplane from 3DLabPrint and it's all done in PLA at 230°/56°

The reason I print at a lower temp to to prevent oozing and stringing. Adjusted my temps and retraction distance and speed, what works for me may not for everyone.

As I'm using the 3DLabPrint generated gcodes, 230° is what they recommend.

Otherwise, I typically print PLA at 205° like you.

The extruder should have fan and heat-sink in front of the gear, to cool the bottom block below gear.
The gap on the bottom from the gear to throat should be closer, or have guide like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2366523

Anet Extruder Filament Guide
by Leo_N

I have had more success by removing the copper/ally heatsink and just running the fan at teh end of the bolts, leaving an air gap instead of the heatsink. Hope this helps.

First of all I changed out the stock anet motor for the extruded it was one of the last motors that was still install it was over 60c in temp the new stepper motor is cooler I also lowered the voltage from .69 to .54 it’s hardly warm to the touch after 18 hours of printing.

I'm pleased it seems to have worked for you. Not sure I would have considered lowering the voltage, but hey, what works, works.
Since our last exchange, I have changed my own printer to a Bowden set-up which has made a huge difference in removing vibration and rattles. I also splashed out on two 'quiet' TMC2208 Stepper Motor Drivers. It is like a new machine all together! So quiet, I think the extruder fan is about the noisiest thing that's going on. I am loving it! Well worth doing.