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Connecting 2 PLA prints

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Has anyone had any luck gluing PLA to PLA? I'm looking for something strong that will not crack. I've done super glue before and that's not as strong. It's broken off a few times. If you've used epoxy. Please provide which one you used and has it lasted?

Thanks for all the replies, I'll have to do a test on all of the different glue i guess :)

I found this article helpful but I have always used three different supper glues depending on what I am doing


and this something I have been meaning to try


I've used 5-minute epoxy, it works quite well, better than Superglue in my opinion, but I've never really done it for strength or any type of test like that.

Acetone can glue PLA really well

Are you sure you aren't thinking of ABS?

No PLA. Been doing that for years
Thomas Sanladerer have proven that as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZUfq0yrtv4

Hand held 3D printing pen and the same PLA.

JB Weld Plastic Bonder, 2 part in side-by-side dispenser tubes.

Comes in gray and black.

Sand both surfaces, mix and apply epoxy to both, clamp, 5 mins later it's set.

Nothing I've used it for has come apart yet.

Cyanoacrylate, also known as CA or superglue.

Gives a strong permanent hold on PLA, it's how I repair it all the time. I get the Bob Smith Industries Instacure Medium, but really any works.

This is how I fix my printer when I break parts off :p

JB weld is epoxy, Gorilla Glue is Urethane, both hold but honestly they don't bite into PLA like CA can.

I use the same as Morgan on it. It holds PLA together well. Question I have is what in heck can you glue PETG with :P.

Two part JB weld is good stuff. You could also try a bottle of gorilla glue.

I find the Gorilla glue is much better to use than regular super glue that comes in liquid form. Gorilla glue is like gel when wet.. it will leave a thick coat instead of the liquid that smears out instantly when apply.. with instant cure you can have a thick shell instantly. extremely strong.

Yeah, probably gorilla super glue would be better. The stuff I've got tends to expand and bubble.

I don't understand your incomplete sentence.

An easy option for PLA is to use a glue gun and print PLA glue sticks which the stl can be found on this site.

Oh damn. Great idea! Im running out of glue sticks for my gun