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Anet A8 Plus


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My grandson in-law has been wanting to get a 3D printer ever since he saw my little print farm so I took him with me to MRRF where we saw the new Anet A8 Plus. With a build volume of 300 x 300 x 350 and an all metal frame it looked like a good choice.

As it was his birthday I just had to buy it for him. (He was more than a little surprised)

We assembled it that night (took about an hour) and were getting excellent prints right from the start.
I am impressed by the improvements Anet has made, these include...
Enclosed power terminals with fused power connector and switch
Redesigned control board with proper terminal strips for the power and heaters
The control board is now fused as well.
Improved heated bed connector
X and Y belt tensioners.
What appears to be the latest version of Marlin
LCD display attaches to a bracket with magnets

Was missing the M5 x 20mm screws for the gantry (usable without them but still need them to stiffen the gantry)
Was missing 1 T-nut and screw for the spool holder
You still have to dress all the wiring yourself with spiral wrap.
Although improved the heated bed connector should have a strain relief added.
Still uses micro SD cards
Update: There were two defective linear bearings, one on the X axis and one on the Y axis. We replaced them with Igus-Delrin bearings which are so smooth operating I think I'm going to change all my printers to Igus-Delrin bearings.
We only bought 7 bearings because the Z axis bearings are good and there will be very little wear on them.

They still have to work on QC to make sure all the parts are there.

Despite the QC issues it's still a very nice printer especially considering that there was a $100 off MSRP discount for purchasing at MRRF.

Update 6/21/2019 Anet has the firmware available for download http://www.anet3d.com/down.aspx?TypeId=26&FId=t14:26:14
I looked through the config.h file and the Hot End Thermal protection is enabled, the Bed Thermal Protection is not.

That looks like a much better beginner printer than the acrylic Anet A8 that I've been staring at for the past 2.5 years! I'm sure he'll have fewer headaches and misery with that one! A fun journey either way!

I have found problem when X-cartridge move. Z drop each side because motor coupling are flexible. I mod with ball bearing and collar to prevent Z drop. And now I have more 3d printer in my house I love A8plus so much.

MMMMM.... for the past 3 years I have advised users to use Bondic or just plastic glue over the pins on the hot bed. The PSU gets blamed for fires... or plub burn outs... its NOT. The hotbed connector is loose fitting female pins in the plastic housing...design for computers and other static uses. the pins get loose on teh hotbed male pins and arc - which creates heat and burns! Don't know if the connector comes glued or if you did it! next one is did you/GS solder all the connections or add horseshoe (U) tags to solder or crimp?? all but the green Hotbed and Nozzle connection in those stock board green connectors...solder the wire ends. And get a prit of the hotbed cable support to stop it pulling on the bed.

I got one 3 days ago. I have 3d touch and change firmware to marlin 2.0.x.

I put marlin 2.0 too and I ordered a 3d touch. ¿Any tutorial or link for install 3d touch please ?

Did you get generic or genuine BLTouch? It's a huge difference. The stroke is short and firmware bad on the generic ones and they take a much more careful setup due to this.

What printer and what exteruder do you run? There's tons and tons of options. I run Bowden with a generic E3D V6 and my Lion Mount Single right now.

Lion Mount Front BLTouch Sensor Bowden Carriage for Anet A8 & Prusa i3!


Has anyone added a capacitive z probe sensor to the Anet A8 Plus? I have the 3D printer, but I am not sure about the configuration files for it in Marlin 1.8.9 Do you know of someone who could help me.

Is there any way to add additional memory storage for larger programs on an Anet version 1.7 board. Or do I need to setup with RAMPS board.

No, No no no no...

You need RAMPS, see my RAMPS Guide

How To Wire a RAMPS 1.x

I did, then I ditched it for being total crap... They can't measure distance like a BLTouch can. They, despite all who say so, do not trigger in the same spot twice, ever. This is in the datasheet from the manufactures even. They have a trigger range because they are for industrial machines that need to know when something passes or is on an endstop.

I converted my first printer to a Bowden early on so here's the Round sensor carriage and a BLTouch carriage for single.

I went through about 7 probes before I bought a BLTouch, get a genuine one. I tried a few off brands ones and they are crap too, often too short. It's worth the money though that first BLTouch is still going fine.

Anet A8 & Prusa i3 Extuder Carriage with Front Mount 18mm, 12mm, 8mm Sensor or No Sensor and Options!
Lion Mount Front BLTouch Sensor Bowden Carriage for Anet A8 & Prusa i3!

Dam, wish i read this before spending the weekend printing your round sensor carriage lol.
but i have a sensor i bought the same time as my first a8. so i guess ill try it for a while.

It's noted in the round sensor one's description :p

I found that out too, I have since changed to BLTouch

I never use capacitive probe but I think same as simple switch. No need any special control pin. Why you don't like BLtouch?

I had read several times that the BLTouch is not very accurate or reliable.

Z hardware step is 0.025 mm. I got about 0.025. I'm change Z limit capacitor to 100nF.

Do you have to replace the capacitor that is on board with another, or can you just remove the cap and let it be.

I'm replace with 100nF.

I ordered a BLTouch last night after checking on it again. Hopefully you and the others can help me with the config files and the wiring. I am not a programmer, so making changes to the config file will not be easy for me.

Good day meo_udon,
I just received the PLUS version of the Anet A8 and also for me right from the start it works fine. However, I want to use the BLTouch and upgrade to Marlin firmware. Could you please point me to the direction how to do this, as I could not find the right information and procedure(s) to do so on the internet.
Would be very grateful If you could help me out with going to Marlin and BLTouch.
Many thanks in advance

Hi Klaasdj I tried to load the Marlin.rar files you pointed me to. I can burn the bootloader Anet Optiboot, and I can upload the files that come with Marlin 2.0 bugfix. However, I can not verify or upload the files in the Marlin.rar. I comes back with either too large or just plain error in compiling. What am I doing wrong.

Use Skynet Firmware for stock Anet boards, they do not have enough memory for Marlin, especially 2.0. Skynet is Marlin 1.1.x based and fully featured with just fluff removed to make it fit in the small memory of the chip used in the Anet board.

I'm use Anet Optiboot. LCD pin 7 for servo output.

Hello me_udon,

After some absence due to an eye surgery I wanted to start my Anet A8 Plus again. Unfortunately somethings has changed and I cannot figure out what. I really feel a noob now :-(
I installed arduino tool and Marlin 2.0 bugfix again and used your configuration.h and configuration_adv.h files. Actually did exactly the same a few months ago.
BUT it is not working now. BLTouch is detected, but on the graphics/controller board the Controller knob is not functioning. When pressing the knob the menu changes but when turning the knob nothing happens.
I really am missing something but can't see what.
Could you or someone else please help me out as I'm stuck at the moment on probably overlook my own faults.

Maybe encoder problem pin 4,6 please check with voltmeter.

Hello me_udon,

Checked pins 4 and 6 on both LCD and J3 connector. They all are 5Volt.

When half turn encoder. Someone down to zero.

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Just how does Optiboot work. Do you have to burn it to the board first.

Well meo_udon, I did it now. My Anet A8 Plus does not have anything on the screen now. Not sure what I did, but I do hope the board is still ok. Will try using an USBasp when it arrivres, and have made an adaptor to go between the 10 pin to 6 pin adaptor and the ribbon cable that connects to the J3 port of the display. That will be easier than going to the port on the control board.

Burn Optiboot via USBASP first. For servo port you can solder wire under pcb directly.

thought you might like to see these, I still don't have the BlTouch installed as of yet.

Why not go RAMPS? You'll get greater control, more options, better stepper drivers and more!

It's not even very expensive for a complete kit. Most the Anet stuff fits and works fine. I converted my machine a month after I got it and had another RAMPS waiting for printer #2 when I ordered it. I even have a RAMPS mount for 2020 series rails with a 80mm fan.

How To Wire a RAMPS 1.x
Simple 2020 RAMPS and 80mm Fan Mount

Thanks for the suggestion, I ordered the RAMPS 1.6 kit, and I also have the BLTouch now as well.

Awesome, you can PM me or post a forum thread if you have trouble. Sometimes the BLTouch can pull too much 5v from the arduino so I find running an 7805 off the 12v to the BLTouch power helps. I can draw this up if needed, going to be working on raspberry pi 4 case designs

No need in Anet3d V1.7. On board regulator power enough.

He said RAMPS 1.6 :p

Yes I did, but for now I will use the Anet A8 V1.7 board to start with for the BLTouch.

Hey careytst,

I think you can find some help in my https://tomhofman.nl/anet-a8-plus-with-marlin-2-0/ on installing Marlin on the Anet A8 Plus

I finally got Marlin Bugfix 2.0 on an Anet 1.7 board that I ordered for an A8. I did this by connecting a USB cable to the board without anything else connected to the board, not even power. Not sure, but is this the way you are supposed to do this.

Great to hear you got it to work, that's what I did as well however everything was connected, when the USB cable is connected to your computer the board is basically powered on, that's the reason you can see it on a certain COM in Arduino IDE.

I tried that, but still get the error about compiling for anet board version 1.0

Hello meo_udon,

Thank you very much for your information and assistance. I was able to use Optiboot in order to get a bootloader on my Anet3D v1.7 board. However, when using the configuration.h file I get these messages as seen on the picture

I am using arduino 1.8.9 on my Apple Mac with Mojave.
Could there any problem in Arduino version or LIB's?

What did you use to get Optiboot loaded on the board.

for the j3 connector on the board, which pin did you use for the brown wire, and which pin did you use for the orange wire on the lcd connector. this is for the bltouch.

Hello cereytst,

Do not use the J3 connector, unless you want to use the 5Volt from it. However, I made some adaptions which will show up in the pictures better.

Thanks for the info, I had the brown wire connected to J3 connector. I will add it to the ground wire black at the Z endstop plug. Could I get a copy of the two confiuration files from you for Marlin 2.0 I am not very good at making settings changes to firmware, since I really do not understand Arduino that well.

Hello careytst,

Currently my A8 Plus is not connected as I have to change the mount for BLTouch.

I have to change some of the settings for BLTouch offset myself first.

So please use the configuration file(s) from meo_udon from May 19, 2019 where he has made those available in Marlin.rar.

Check out Morganlowe he has a real nice mount for bowden E3D V6 hotend with BLTouch mount, I really like it. A lot of weight is removed from X axis by doing a bowden extruder.

Lion Mount Front BLTouch Sensor Bowden Carriage for Anet A8 & Prusa i3!

This is certainly not a requirement, since I did it just via USB cable from my PC.

I never success with UBL and UBL eat prog memory too much.

Thank you meo_udon,

Everything is working now. You are my hero!

Hello meo_udon,

I received my original BLTouch a few days ago. Tried to get it working on LCD pin 7 but unfortunately the controller board halts on startup and the LCD screen remains blank. Once I remove the connection to BLTouch (pin 7 LCD??) the controller board starts up and I have a correct LCD screen. Of course I cannot use BLTouch then. Could you please point out what pin number to use? The attached controller board is the old one, but the numbering still is correct (also with respect to the numbers on the bottom)
Kind regards,

I am use ANET3D V1.7 but I look V1.0 is same.

Are you sure your wiring correct? Can you send picture of your wiring bltouch (on board, near probe).

Z-Endstop connector (black) is attached on the controller board (Black, Red, White from left to right) .
Yellow/orange cable is connected now to pin 3 of LCD (NOT J3) but has had all locations (pin 7, pin 5)
Is it correct to tie brown cable to ground (black wire on Z-End Stop) as this is seen by many other configs.

Please take a photo all of bltouch wiring for look for miss.

In pins_ANET_10.h file.

define SERVO0_PIN 29

Found out it was still default:


define LCD_SDSS 28


#define SERVO0_PIN       27   // free for BLTouch/3D-Touch
#define LCD_PINS_RS      28
#define LCD_PINS_ENABLE  29
#define LCD_PINS_D4      10

Won't defining SERVO0_PIN 29 conflict with LCD_PINS_ENABLE 29 ??
What to change / define ?

What are lcd you use? My Anet A8 plus come with 12864glcd. I think you select lcd incorrect.
// ANET and Tronxy Graphical Controller
// Anet 128x64 full graphics lcd with rotary encoder as used on Anet A6
// A clone of the RepRapDiscount full graphics display but with
// different pins/wiring (see pins_ANET_10.h).


LCD should be correct as my A8 Plus with ANET3D v1.7 is same as yours
When I remove the connection with the BLTouch the display is working fine.

In the Configuration.h file you sent me I see:

// ANET and Tronxy Graphical Controller
// Anet 128x64 full graphics lcd with rotary encoder as used on Anet A6
// A clone of the RepRapDiscount full graphics display but with
// different pins/wiring (see pins_ANET_10.h).


Pin 7 is free. Not connected at all. I think bltouch extension wire.

PIN 3 is a CSLCD you cannot use. If you glcd not work property. Your board is 1.7 same me.

hello meo_udon,
I did manage to get things working :-) Everything works fine now with the settings you provided (configure.h) The settings on pin_ANET_10.h were already set ok.
My fault was to not physically disconnect pin 29 from the LCD screen. So BLTouch is the only device connected to SERVO0_PIN 29.
That solved the issue.
Thanks for helping me out.
Kind regards,

Did you by chance convert your extruder from direct to bowden remote. If so do any settings need to be changed to the x motor driver due to the reduced mass that is moving back and forth.

Actually I have ben considering to use a remote extruder, but never realized if the settings should change :-(
The carriage I was looking at is the Cobra Carriage. See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2948847 but I am in for alternatives. The Cobra carriage needs an external belt tensioner also which made me doubt if it is suitable. Furthermore I do need PLTouch Dtouch support!

BTW I did just upload my first thingi being an alternative electronics box for the Anet A8 Plus, but need help with the slicing of the lid. See http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3758409
Any help with getting the lid printer right is welcome.

Cobra Carriage - E3D V6 Carriage - Anet A8 / Ender 3 / CR-10 / Mini V Slot
Anet A8 Plus electronics casing
by Klaasdj

One of the changes that you will probably have to make is the amount of retraction of the filament. Instead of 1mm or 2mm, you will need to increase to 5mm. This will really help in reducing the stringing and blobs around areas where nozzle travel is great.

On my machine running either single or dual bowden my accel and jerk are anet - marlin default however I can easily print about 20% faster

Now I prepare to cut beep pin and Z enable to use with Z2 driver motor. I interesting about independent Z home by bltouch.

Great! I don't touch any thing on my LCD. May be different version of screen. I don't know. If you want to accurate limit switch and bltouch. On board filter mistake. Capacitor near limit pin XYZ are 10uF. They too much for sensor. You should replace them by 0.1uF capacitors.

Anet3d circuit use too much capacitor for limit switch filter. BlTouch not accurate with this. Please remove or change Z capacitor to 10nF.

All the parts were there for me but I consider the filament holder an unnecessary piece of kit. I did receive an extra Y-axis tensioner? :) Ah well massive upgrade over my trusty of Anet A8!

Since this his his first printer he needed the filament spool holder but we plan to replace it with a spool holder based on the one I uploaded for the Printed Solid Enclosure for the CR-10.

His printer did come with two sets of X and Z axis limit switches instead of the screws.

I echo what aDiYct said. Thank you for the review and pictures. I agree with you about the micro SD card slot. They're a PIA. I added a SD card adapter to my A8 shortly after I got it.

I was not aware there is an Anet A9 Plus. The machine looks very promising and has a nice feature set: direct drive extruder (a big plus IMO), 24 volts, glass bed, dual z-motors, 360 watt power supply, etc. Another big plus is it is $100 less than the somewhat similar CR10S.

I think the A8 Plus has just become my #1 choice for my next printer.

Thank you for posting your review and photos. It's encouraging. I have an Anet A8 converted to an AM8 and I am very pleased with the quality of the prints I get in PLA and ABS. It's been great for learning and continues to deliver good prints. Can't beat the price. I've ran into part size limitation on a couple of projects and I'm considering an Anet A8+ due to it's larger build volume and reasonable price. With the A8, and all the modifications I did, I learned to buy a small but stock with variety of bolts, nut and washers of different sizes. My build can be seen here: https://adiyct.com/category/3d-printing/

Very nice! Glad to see the safety updates really. I hope this machine performs well and would love to see some pics of it!

I was running out of time when I originally posted it. I just added the pictures I took.

Looks decent! I just started to update my Printer #2 to the AM8 per that thing. It's working out great but taking a while because I am designing parts along the way. My Anet's both run RAMPS controllers and have tons of other mods so I am swapping those over.

Take a look at my Things to see the newest parts!

AM8 - Metal Frame for Anet A8