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by Wiganmatt

I really need help, I've gone to print some files but when I try to pre heat the PLA or print file or do anything with the printer it's as though it reboots the screen and says 'Anet A8 Welcome'

So it wont heat up, wont print anything...……Has anyone had this problem before

Its a stock Anet A8 Board with stock firmware etc.

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Upgrade to Am8 or buy an Ender 3? Thoughts

by silvatech

So close to about a year ago I bought an Anet A8. I had never 3d printed and it seem like a good printer to test if I would like 3d printing etc. So far I like 3d printing and actually have come up with some of my own designs and that. I was about to upgrade the frame etc on the anet A8, but then notice the ender 3 pratically is what I would be changing the anet A8 into (course some big differences on way parts move.)

So I am begining to wonder if I have just outgrown the A8. A8 I was considering upgrading frame to am8 and changing MB ramps.

I am wondering if anyone has done this and also owns an ender3 to compare what they experienced. I hate to throw money in upgrades to find that the base of ender 3 is better stock? Or will I get a better print with AM8 + ramps VS stock Ender 3?

Any thoughts much appreciated thanks.

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Marlin firmware

by Charlee78

Hi guys! I would like to upgrade my firmware to marlin 1.1.9 to be able to use my new auto level sensor. But before I have a small question. I've watched tutorials and when they go in arduinoIDE to select board model, they only have board v1.0. The thing is my board is V1.7. Will that work?

If anyone have any experience or a known working tutorial I would be grateful! Just a bit scared of messing my new printer!

auto_bed_leveling Marlin_119
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Print messing up after a few minutes

by CookiezRGood

I'm currently trying to print a file, but it keeps messing up. When I start it, it is close to perfect (outermost layer). After a few layers in though, it always fails and it looks like it stops extruding or something like that. After it messes up, it ruins the rest of the print (as seen on the right). I've tried leveling everything and messing with the print settings, but I always get the same result. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

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X Carriage mounts and other mods to it

by Philpow

H I have had an A8 printer for some time now and have had varying degrees of success with the various mods available to make and purchase many of the printed mods frame braces etc I found very useful but there is one area I have failed to find an acceptable or any mod for.
That is a brace to contain the tension of the belt in the X axis as any discrepancy in parts manufacture of this assembly will be transmitted to the Z axis an area that is already fraught with inaccuracies between the fixed guide rods and the driven indexing screws.
I find massive braces to print for the Y axis to contain the belt tension.
Yes I am being lazy although my background is in manufacturing I was an instrument maker I am now retired and no longer have access to the machines and measuring systems that would allow me to design and manufacture such a brace and indeed correct dimensional inaccuracies in the Z axis setup.
My understanding of CAD design is sadly zero I have tried but it eludes me, give me a drawing board and a pencil any day Simples yes.
Has any one approached this part of the A8 design and come up with a solution?

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