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AM8 materials needed

by silvatech

So, I am getting ready to order the materials to upgrade my frame and I noticed on one of the comments that they frame for Y should be 364mm not 340mm. Anything else anyone knows that in the instructions that should be some other masurement on the frame? I want to order correctly



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TPU through bowden not printing consistently

by DostoJoe

I've been trying to get TPU to print a specific print for about a week now with over 30 failed prints. I've been trying to print the base for a square block however the print will almost always fail at the end of the first layer when the travel moves are the longest and the extruder is stopped. The result after this will be severe under/no extrusion and the idler bearing in my extruder will stop spinning where it would go faster and slower before.

I've tried everything I can think of and I've thought I'd found the right settings to make it work 2 or 3 times but whenever I repeated the print it would fail in the exact same way. My settings are as follows:
215C hotend
50C bed
30mm/s for all settings other than travel
150mm/s travel
Retraction off

I've tried different temperatures, both higher and lower, different flow rates and different speeds. I have also tried shortening my bowden to see if that was the problem however this only seemed to work for the first print after the change.

I have a Chimera clone dual extruder and it prints perfectly with PLA.

Any help will be much appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.

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Layer Shift on Tool Change

by DostoJoe

I've just upgraded my Anet A8 to using a dual extruder setup with a chimera clone. I'm using a MKS Gen 1.4 with TMC2208 drivers and Marlin 1.1.9 and slicing with Cura 3.6.

Since upgrading I've been able to print normally using just 1 extruder at a time but as soon as I introduce tool changes, I will get a layer shift of about 1.8mm every time with the layer shifting being very consistent in the distance it moves. All my belts are tight and I'm not skipping any steps anywhere. Even if steps were getting skipped, surely it wouldn't result in such a consistent pattern?

The prints will run no problem with either extruder individually.
Been trying to sort this out for a good few hours but can't figure out what's going wrong with it but I'm hoping I've just missed something really simple. I haven't been able to find any other posts relating to this problem so hoping to get some guidance here.

I've attached a picture of the first few layers of the Dual Extrusion Calibration Square by SuperBearFur (Dual Extruder Calibration Square found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1353231) which shows the problem I'm having well but have also tried other models with the same problems.

Dual Extruder Calibration Square
Anet A8 Chimera Dual extrusion Layer shift
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Hotbed not heating up, possible fried wire

by McScott29

So I was going to start a print but I noticed the temperature on the hotbed was falling instead of rising after setting 'pre-heat PLA'

I noticed the red LED was no longer blinking, but the display was showing the temperature of the hotbed.

After unscrewing the bed and looking underneath, I found that one of the wire connections appeared to be brown (image included below)

I'm wondering if I should try to replace the bed, the wire, or both. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks!

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anet a8 x/y home speed help

by BristolT245

I am not sure if this is where to ask this but... is there a way to slow down the homing speed on the x/y axis as i feel like they are kinda fast and over time may be throwing calibrations out of balance system wide. When they home there is an audible thump when getting to the endstop.

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