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Urgent appeal, any Cura experts

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Hi to any Cura experts I have been trying to dial in my printer and having no success could anyone share a working dialled in profile. Pictures of prints below. If not maybe offer an FREE alternative slicer.

Thanks in advance

For a good start, use the CR10 profile that comes with cura. Dont forget to alter printbed size in printer menu in cura. It should work fine wth your ender.

Thanks trying it now

I'm printing on Ender 2 with Cura 3.x. It should be much better. I can share my profile for Black PLA from Bestfilament. This print was done when I started to use Ender 2. What I found recently is that my frame is aligned really bad. My prints where all inclined because vertical V-profile was not vertical, also Y axis profile was turned to the right. I disassemble it completely and reassemble once again and now all prints are straight.

As for my Cura profile I'm using low speed for testing , I guess it can faster and will try later. So let me know if you need my profile

Couple more examples. Extruder cover was done a time ago before reassembling, but still not bad IMO. Z-resonance and peace of tube tower was done after reassembling with new profile.

Please can I have the profile it would be a great help

Ok, let me try to attach it here. Retract is a subject to improve, but again, in general I'm getting nice prints now.

Thanks trying it now

Any news bro?

your pofile is very stringy and it blobs on overhangs the cr-10 built in is much better and i am using it now. Many thanks anyways

I not see any problem due to using Cura. You must change and test configuration modifications.
Some notes for this print:

  1. You have bad adhesion of first layer - nozzle was probably too high over bed (bed leveling problem?). Somewhere are 4 perimeters, somewhere are only 3. Missing perimeter line is laying across below infill. It could help set nozzle closer to bed, reduce the print speed of the first layer, higher temperature or use glue on bed (not all together - bad can be only one parameter of them).
  2. You have gaps on first layer - probably identical reason as first point - nozzle was too high over bed (or extruder gets too few material)
  3. On top layer is too much material, the nozzle doing the grooves in the material. It could help reduce amount of extruded material, use Z-lift option for X, Y movement and use lower extrusion width value (more thinner lines on layer = smoother surface, longer time of print)
  4. External perimetr wall somewhere is not smooth. It could help reduce amount of extruded material, reduce speed of print outer perimetr, set better printing temperature for used material or check HW (tension of belts and gaps between V-profiles and pulley).
    I will not give you any completed profile for Cura, I use S3D, but base configuration options in all slicers are very similar. Every profile is only base, it should be optimized for specific print form and used material. First print of new item is often only test, you need often a little change some options by result and print again - important is the experience from previous prints. If exist any problem with smothless and regularity, always may help reduce printing speed.

Try you change any suggested parameters and print item again?
With Ender-2 printer you can (for testing) modify some print option while printing (by turning knob you can change print speed, in menu (Tune) you can change amount of material flow, temperature of nozzle and cooling speed).