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Wrong temperature measurement

by lucasgcb

Hi everyone. I have an Anet A6, which has been working just fine. Today I noticed that one of the wires of the hotbed (the red ones that actually provide power for heating) was coming a bit loose, and it was getting too hot (as one would expect if all the power for heating is going through just a couple of copper leads and not the whole wire). I apparently messed up because I disconnected the hotbed cable without turning the printer off, and once I fixed (soldered properly) and reconnected the hotbed (this time printer off) now the thermistor input for the hotbed on the board doesn't work. In the display of the printer the same temperature gets displayed both in the hotend and hotbed reading. Both thermistors are working fine, because if I swap them in the board, I get the reading from whichever one is plugged in, but for some reason the main board takes just one of the inputs (the hotend thermistor socket) as the value for BOTH the hotend and hotbed, disregarding whatever is plugged on the hotbed thermistor socket. Tried resetting the firmware but it's not fixed. Don't know if it's just a problem of the internal software of the board, or if when I fumbled with the wire at first maybe shorted it or something and screwed up some component of the board. I'm far from savy in the whole firmware and programming of the board, unfortunately. Any help in saving this board and solving this issue will be highly valued. Thanks!

temperature_control temperature_sensor thermistor
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A6 & A8 mainboards - are they the same?

by lesterb

During a print yesterday the printer froze. I turned it off and back on. It booted then froze again before I could do anything. I tried again and now I only get a blue screen on the LCD, I presume just backlight. My question is, if my mainboard is faulty do the A6 & A8 use the same mainboard? The ones on ebay for the A8 have a Z1 and Z2 connector but the A8 only has one Z stepper so I hope this board is suitable for both models but would like confirmation from someone with experience.

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Print quality went from hero to zero

by Dome_

Since the tube where the filament goes through to the nozzle broke I orderd a completely new extruder kit, but after installing it my print quality went downhill. My belts are tight, my bed is leveled properly.

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Y motor possibly damaged

by sirjack1888

Finsihed a tall print on my A6, home sequence struck finished print and stopped the carriage. Now the y motor has a horrible grinding noise and slips if it encounters any resistance. The motor gear (and post) are not turning during this grinding. I know this means that the issue is IN the motor. It works normally without resistance. Is this potentially a bad motor, or bad driver? Any fixes?

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Inconsistent Bed Level

by AdamScott

Every time I set up my A6 to start a print I need to level the bed and I do it just like I am meant to. Then when I go to start printing after having the bed perfectly level the hotend starts to dig into my plate or the filament is too far away to be sticking to the bed. After each time I think I have levelled the bed it keeps changing. I don't know what could be the problem and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and if they were able to fix it. Thanks

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