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Only the first and last M117 message displayed on LCD

by cel22262

I am trying to use some of the post processor scripts that would display the current layer as the thing prints '(Layer Progress Display' or 'Display Filename and Layer on LCD' scripts). I can see that the M117 code has been inserted in the g-code, but is not shown on the LCD while printing. I'm using Cura 3.6 on an original ANET A6.

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Different sizes different accuracy

by Cabbina

I'm trying to calibrate my A6 but I'm getting crazy to determine the right step/mm
I've found that on 100 mm size my printer is pretty accurate (X axis = 100,1 and Y axis = 99,9), but for sizes less than or greater than 100 the accuracy is reduced.

X axis
for print less than 100 mm sizes are bigger (for example 5 mm became 5,55 mm or 50 mm became 50,46 mm)
for print grater than 100 mm sizes are smaller (for example 125 mm became 124,85 mm or 150 mm became 149,63 mm)

the same happen on the Y axis

100 mm is a sweet spot

Have you ever experimented a similar issue?

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Print Quality/ Feed Rate Issue

by Beardedwonder88

I ve had my Anet A6 for a year now. I ve put a E3d with a bowden extruder and flashed Marlin. It was printing great for 10 months then I printed something which came out great turned right around to do another print and it was under extruding quite a bit. So I replaced nozzle along with the steam and calibrated the extruder steps but it was perfect... i mean i couldnt get it that perfectly calibrated if i was trying. Reprinted and still under extruding. So then i just went through everything reflashed marlin, swapped extruder motor with a new one i had laying around .. i literally went through every nut and bolt on the machine looking for anything that might be bad and replacing it. What threw me off is it changed literally from one print to the next no idle time nothing. So i finally got it printing by upping the feed rate in Cura to 235% which i ve never had to mess with before but now retraction is giving me issues. its set at 4.2 and i get some stringing still but cant move it up anymore or it will jam during printing witth PETG. This leads me to my final issue... i ve been trying to print a model that takes 12 hours to print it prints fine for 5 hours and at the 5 hour mark jams. I ve tried changing feed rate, retraction, checked nozzle nothing works but i think it goes back to whatever caused the original under extruding issue. Any help woulkd be greatly appreciated. Sorry its so long.

Anet A6 Feed Rate Help Under Extruding
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Heat block loose

by PandaMan82


I'm new to 3d printing, I bought an Anet A6 as my first printer. I recently replaced the nozzle for the first time and when I was finished I noticed the heat block was loose and could be turned easily. Also, when I put the fan duct back in it touches the heat block, almost like the block is too low... Did I do something wrong? Please help!!!

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Layer fan 3d model

by Deychuga

someone knows where can i find the 3d model of the layer fan to make a piece?

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