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Trinket 5V Error (Still!!!)

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Hello all,
So I'm trying to upload some code to my Trinket Pro 5v 16 MHz (USB) for the Neopixel strips attached to it, and I get the following error:
Using Port : usb
Using Programmer : stk500v2
avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb" (0x03eb:0x2104)

avrdude done. Thank you.

Programmer: AVRISP mkII
Board: Pro Trinket 5V 16 mHz USB

The tutorial on Adafruit says that when I press the reset button on the board, the red light should pulse for 10 seconds, which is when I should upload the code. My board doesn't do that. The light just comes on and goes back off. We've been using a USB cable that is used for uploading data, and this problem has followed us through the lands of Mac, Windows, and beyond. Please help with something besides "go to the Adafruit forums". If I wanted to do that, I would. Thanks!

I've also had my fair share of USB cable problems, when I find one that works it gets set aside for programming use only. I've also blown out the bootloader a few times on the Trinket, it's easy to do if your code is approaching maximum capacity or if the Trinket is unplugged while being programmed. You can repair the bootloader by following the steps from the following link...


It's really easy to do but does require access to another Arduino, the example uses an Uno.

You're using the wrong programmer setting. it needs to be USBTinyISP. Look here: https://learn.adafruit.com/introducing-trinket/setting-up-with-arduino-ide

Hi! I've gotten that before from time to time. Are you sure you have the correct board selected? And the correct port?

Hey Kjata!

I am nearly positive that I have the correct board selected, but when I go to change the port or even view what port Arduino is communicating on, The tab comes up grey and does not open a drop-down menu, like the board selector does.


Hi, if the port is grayed-out and everything else is changeable, I would suspect that the port is not communicating at all with the trinket. Could be a bad port. Or there's something wrong with the trinket. Since the issue followed you through various systems, I would expect that the issue lay with the trinket and it may be time to try replacing it. However, if you also used the same USB cable throughout, just for a sanity check, you could try another cable before giving up on the trinket. Hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck, I know how disappointing and frustrating it is when something's not working, we've all been there. I was there last night ^^; Anyway, cheers!