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Motorized slider help! LOOKING FOR CODERS!

by Coolcrawler_

I want to make a motorized camera slider that would use standard Arduino components. I don't know that much about Arduino but I still understand what people talk about.

You can look at my picture that I made to try and get an understanding of what I want. It would be powered by a stepper motor with a timing belt. I would prefer to use a Arduino Nano but any microcontroller would work.

At the ends, there would be microswitches. I would have a potentiometer to control the speed in both directions. A 3 way rocker switch would have OFF, INFINITE, and ONE WAY. The normal position would be off. When switched to INFINITE, the slider would move to one side, hit the limit switch, then go to th other side, hit the limit switch, and repeat, until I turn it off (this would be for interviews or things like that.) Then, the other position (ONE WAY) would start where the position was last left off, then go to one side (determind by the potentiometer for speed and direction) and hit the limit switch, and then just stop. Also there might be a little "Reset button" which just moves the carriage to one side of the slider which would be defined as the "home position", similar to a 3D printer. The thing I need help with is the coding/wiring. I can't imagine this being that difficult to code for most people, and I am currently taking an Arduino course. These are the electronics I am thinking:

10K Potentiometer
Stepper motor
Stepper motor driver
Arduino-type board
2 limit switches
3 way rocker switch

So if anyone can help me, or need me to clarify stuf, please contact me!

arduino stepper
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Trinket 5V Error (Still!!!)

by mendeleev_the1st

Hello all,
So I'm trying to upload some code to my Trinket Pro 5v 16 MHz (USB) for the Neopixel strips attached to it, and I get the following error:
Using Port : usb
Using Programmer : stk500v2
avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb" (0x03eb:0x2104)

avrdude done. Thank you.

Programmer: AVRISP mkII
Board: Pro Trinket 5V 16 mHz USB

The tutorial on Adafruit says that when I press the reset button on the board, the red light should pulse for 10 seconds, which is when I should upload the code. My board doesn't do that. The light just comes on and goes back off. We've been using a USB cable that is used for uploading data, and this problem has followed us through the lands of Mac, Windows, and beyond. Please help with something besides "go to the Adafruit forums". If I wanted to do that, I would. Thanks!

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Trinket 5V Error

by mendeleev_the1st

Hi guys (and gals)
So last month I started the Guardian Sword project by the venerable Ruiz Men-Children. I have printed some of the parts and soldered all of my components. The problem I have is that when I try to compile the script for the Trinket, I gives me an error! But, Arduino won't give me details on what exactly is wrong, so I just had to look through the code, which didn't help me. Here are some technical details which might help y'all:
Adafruit Trinket 5V (USB connection)
89 Neopixels, one had to be cut off. It's a 60 LED Segment + 30 LED Segment.
Using Arduino 1.8.4
Neopixel Library 1.1.2
Adafruit AVR Boards 1.4.9
The only changes to the code that I made are here below:

define PIN 1

// Color Segments

define APIXELS 14 // number of first orange pixels

define BPIXELS 85 // number of blue pixels

define CPIXELS 89 // second orange pixels

Adafruit_NeoPixel pixels = Adafruit_NeoPixel(89, PIN, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800);

for(int i=85;i<CPIXELS;i++){

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Raspberry Pi

by adafruit

This is all about Pi projects! What awesome projects are you thinking about doing with your Raspberry Pi?

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Part Finishing Survey

by raminik

Hey everyone, I've created a short survey (5 questions max) for an engineering class. All answers are appreciated, ultimately it should help the 3D printing community as a whole. Thanks!

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USB wristband

by Ghris

Yarn (I use up almost 12 meters)
Soft paperboard
A tape measure,
Super glue,
Verbatim TUFF 'N' TINY small flash drive (or something similar, you can purchase at http://www.kynix.com)
A ruler,

Wristband forming
Cut the paper into 3.2 cm wide. The length of it is the same as your wrist circumference. Remember the length should leave more. After the outside is wrapped with yarn and fabric, the middle of the ring will be smaller.
Then folded the paper you cut down in half. And entangle it with tape. But leave the end openings. as shown in the first picture. The side cut open, and at the end of the tape, then tightening around outside. The head will become your U disk hat, so make sure it is enough to not let U disk slide out. Now you peel the flash drive shell off and use super glue to stick cardboard you fold a suitable thickness. At this time you should make the thickness of the flash drive fits the gap of the cardboard tube. Put the flash drive into your cardboard tube to another head and glue it down.

Winding yarn
The color you want to use decides how long is each piece of yarn.
Fix the original yarn head with adhesive plaster. Then at the edge of the wristband paints super glue to prevent yarn slippage. Wind the yarn around wristband as tightly as you can. After a piece of yarn wrapped, as shown in the second picture you tie the string head at the end. You tie up another color of yarn. The new color of yarn bundles gently on the old color of yarn. Then all you can do is to make it tightly. All has been completed, you can use super glue to fix it under the end of the last one color yarn coat.
OK, quickly wear it on!

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Adafruit Product Models

by kenton86

Adafruit is the greatest Open Source company in the world! They do a great job releasing Eagle CAD files to their Github page, but the other physical products don't get nearly as much love. It would be great to have their components modeled in 3D CAD so we can design custom enclosures around them.

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pocket pigrrl

by JackJ106

could i split the wires coming out of the class d amp so it has a audio jack and a power on/off for the speakers? so that way i can still sit in the living room without being told to turn it off and not annoy anyone? also can i put the roms on the sd before puting the sd in? so i dont need to deal with the wifi dongle junk? the pocket pigrrl can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:807591

Pocket PiGRRL
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wondering about a adafruit product.....

by JackJ106

If I were going to make a robot using the blue 8x8 led matrix backpack as a face for the robot, and have 3 tac pin buttons to display 3 other faces for a few seconds, would I need a micro-controller? I asked Adafruit but it's been several days & I haven't gotten a response.

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