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Recent Topics

Reaver Titan

by bork1205

Hey there, I've been growing my collection of Warhammer stls through Cults and MMF I was wondering if anyone had any leads on a REAVER class titan It looks like there used to be some fairly decent ones on here, but they no longer exist and were never ported over to cults of anyone has any info I'd really appreciate it.

Reaver_Titan warhammer_40k
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Knight Porphyrion

by FlightLizard

So we have all manner of awesome knights people have made and remixed on here. We even have some great looking titans, one of which I'm currently in the process of printing.

I don't suppose anyone has tried tackling the Acastus Knight Porphyrion?
That thing that sorta blurs the line between knight and titan.

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by PhilX3412

hey, does anybody know where i can find a model-accurate or near model-accurate mars pattern reaver or warlord titan, or a warbringer nemesis titan? (for 40k, not titanicus)

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Thousand Sons Army

by PhilX3412

hey, i'm working on having all the 3d models for a thousand sons army. if anyone has decent quality files of these, please let me know:
Games Workshop: Maulerfiend, Mutalith Vortex Beast, Land Raider, Predator Annihilator, Predator Destructor, INFERNAL MASTER (most needed), and Tzaangor (infantry, not special)
Forgeworld: Basically all the Chaos Space Marine stuff minus the termite drill and a few others.
Horus Heresy: Basically the tanks, legion of command, dreadnoughts, and crazy big robot for them
Legends: Any legends models for the thousand sons
Other: any cool thousand sons thing that is no longer on thingiverse or something to that extent
Any help is greatly appreciated. as i have said before, i'm trying to get all the models for every faction, but i'm starting with the Thousand Sons. As always, if i can help with anything, please let me know! thanks again!

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thousand sons symbol

by PhilX3412

hey, does anyone have a 40k thousand sons transfer file? i've seen plenty for the horus heresy one, but none for the 40k one

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