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Ork Bits General


Has anyone found a good source for 3D printable Ork bits? From my research these seems to be limited availability. Here are several bits below I have been looking for.

  • Armor Shoulder Pads
  • Alternative Nob Heads
  • Alternative Boy Heads
  • Stormboy Rocketpacks
  • Kommando Backpacks
  • Kommando Heads
  • General Combat Weapons ( with or without arm attached)
  • Deff Dread Faceplate Designs
  • Tankbusta Backpacks

In my opinion there is a golden opportunity here to gather or create designs that fill in some of these areas. I will note that some of these bits are available via 3rd party sites but the effort here is to have 3D designs for these bits. After all that is kinda the whole point... to be able to print your own parts; and with the rise of resin printers more and more detailed models are able to be printed with ease. Below I have broken down some of the above ideas into sections with short explanations for each. Would love to hear some feedback from the community.

=== General Boyz & Nob Kit Improvement ===
The basic boyz and nobz kit could be up armored to resemble the 'Ardboyz or Starboyz. More head bitz and varying shoulder armor would go a long way in converting these two kits into truly unique looking units. An added benefit of having more options available would be so that you could stylize your orks for a specific klan. This could be done by remixing base armor or head bits for specific klans. For Nobs specifically I found some amazing example of what alertive Nob heads could look like via the Etsy store "ForfunMiniatures".

- Armor Shoulder Pads
- Alternative Nob Heads
- Alternative Boy Heads
- General Combat Weapons ( with or without arm attached)


=== Kommando Conversion ===
The boyz kit is a fantastic start to converting boyz into Kommandos. Really all you need is a few different backpacks designs. These could then be glued to the back of boyz. The boyz kit even comes with a nob and power klaw which is convenently what is needed for the Kommando Nob for the unit. That is really the bare minimum for the conversion, but why stop there? There is a fantastic Kommando head design out there by "Pineapple Miniatures" on shapeways (link below) that really shows what is possible with a basic boys kit. The designer is "Kyle Jaworowski".

- Kommando Backpacks
- Kommando Heads


=== Stormboy Conversion ===
Again the boys kit is a decent start for this conversion. From the designer "Kyle Jaworowski" we see that we really just need a few rocketpack designs to convert some boyz into stormboyz.

- Stormboy Rocketpacks


=== Tankbusta Conversion ===
From my research most people use the rocket launchas from the basic boyz kit. So there really isn't much of a need to design rocket launchas for 3D printing. Additionally its very easy to convert bits from other kits such as the Nobz kit to make additional rocket launchas. However we could kill two birds with one stone by using the same or very similiar backpacks from the Kommando conversion discussed above. This will allow for more Tankbustas as the boyz kit only contains one rocket launcha and one rocket backpack per box.

- Tankbusta Backpacks ( modified Kommando Backpacks )

=== Deff Dread Conversion ===
Plain and simple. The Deff Dread kit has very limited options for a front faceplate. This faceplate really gives the dread some charactor. Would be great to have more designs to choose from when making a deff dread mob.

- Deff Dread Faceplate Designs
40k armor bits boyz deff kommando nobz ork shoulder stormboyz
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Lion el Johnson bust :)

by mariopitanguy

Working on this beast! Anxious to share with the community for free! :)

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shoulder pads with numbers

by turk187

Does anyone have Space Marine shoulder pads with roman numerals on them? I found some that have the tactical arrow and numbers, but I need a set with just the roman numeral for 3 ( III with the crosses on top) I'm building a matched 3rd company and want them to have the company number on them.

If someone can point me at some, or make them for me (^_^) I would be grateful.

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Base Name Tags

by ClassyGameJoe

So, andersklahr has done a fantastic job creating nameplates for figure bases. Here's an example https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3801079. Any idea on a program to make them on your own. Maybe help with a blank so I can maybe try to do it in 3d builder?

Goliaths - name and vision angle plates / tags
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Cadre Fireblade height?

by sadronmeldir

So as a half-joke, I'm planning on using this Cadre Hotty Blade (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3301362) as a proxy for a game with one of my purist friends in a Kill Team game. That said, I want to at least get it somewhat accurate. What height in mm should I aim for when I scale this?

Cadre Hotty Blade
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