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Grrrr Convert Mesh To Solid not working in 123D Design!!!!

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I have seen this topic before, but not seen an answer.

If I download an STL from Thingiverse to incorporate into one of my own designs, I can't do anything with it, such as snap to object etc, unless it is converted to solid first. If I try and convert it to a solid 123D Design on PC always freezes or crashes.

I tried converting to solid in Meshmixer, then export as STL, but when I import that into 123D Design, it is imported as a mesh again. I double checked to make sure I was exporting the right object in Meshmixer, and I was.

Any help would be much appreciated

Mr M

3 years late to the party but I found another way around by using windows 3d builder and saving the file as an stl from there. After that it should work as a solid in 123D.

A little late maybe. Converting STL's is indeed very annoying. I found this manual using FreeCad to convert STL to Step-files which can be opened in 123D as solids.


it is not a quick fix, but it worked for me.

I'm having a similar issue. When I import two STLs from Thingiverse, over lap them to make them into a single object, then try to convert them into a solid from a mesh, it shows an error message. When I export it to an STL, and click combine, it will save it as one object but my slicer sees it as two separate objects as it builds it. It only appears to be a solid object but technically it's still two separate objects.

Probably too late but I've found a solution. I've import a STEP file (arduino board) in 123D and I realize that I can draw sketches and play with thems like standard 123D objects. So I've found this, unfortunately non-free, application to convert a STL file to a STP (STEP) file.

Surprise, that's work for 25$ :) using 2 clicks. File -> Import and File -> Export.

You can have a Trial License for test (https://www.solveering.com/InStep/instep.aspx)

I've made a test with this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2237383. My goal was to add a BLTouch device near the extruders to a Geeetech dual extruder platform and ... it's work :)

Hope this help


GEEETech i3B/C (PRINTED version): Refurbished Plastic

Have you tried importing into Tinkercad and then saving as an .obj? This might work. You can also save in meshmixer as .obj and that might work too.


Looks like that worked. A long way around, but it did the job.

Thanks Greg, I won't lose my hair... not today anyway :)

It's the nut from this submission I am trying to make solid. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8796

I have managed to get a bit of the screw converted by just trying and trying again.
I also tried healing the object in meshmixer, then converting to solid, again.
When I then try and convert to solid in 123D again, it freezes. I can see 123D is using 9GB of ram and 15% processor during the freeze.

Grrrr etc

Poor man's openscad screw library
by aubenc

I have had the same issue.

I find this an issue quite a lot too. After A LOT of searching, I eventually found a solution that works using Meshmixer but it wasn't exactly convenient. That said, it did work. I'll try and have a look and see if I can find it again.