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Is there a way to add new primitives such as a tube?

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I had to select a solid cylinder, then select a second solid cylinder, then use the alignment tool, then the subtract function to create a tube. Is there a way to add primitives such as a tube to the current library for future use? A threaded rod or an inside thread such as the one inside a nut would be helpful as well. I know that I could create my own library, save it on my computer then import it but I'm looking for a way to integrate it into the program.

If you're ready to move on to a more professional 3D CAD environment, then my suggestion is Fusion 360. If you are a hobbyist or, I believe, a business less than 100K, the license is free. Get ready for a learning curve; but you'll never look back to 123D Design. Except for a quick, simple, one use design.

123D Design can import .step files; but one thing that it lacks is a thread tool. Many of McMaster Carr's threaded fasteners look like rivets until a thread is applied within Fusion 360.

There are other 3D CAD tools out there that are also free; but I have not tried them. I'm sure others here can make additional suggestions.

But to your original post: I know this doesn't answer the actual question; but, an easier way to create a tube is to sketch two concentric circles of OD and ID. Then extrude to the length you require.

I looked into Fusion 360 a while ago. There was a link to download it, but it asked for student & school information so I couldn't download it.


One year license. Renewable each year. Of course, this could change in the future.

McMaster Carr has a lot the 3D models you can use like threaded rods. You have to go to the product details and import the 3D- Step model and it works great.

Thanks for your reply. This is good to know. I wanted to integrate these types of files into the program but I'm not sure if it's possible.

You can't change/add something to the program itself. But you can store it as a design and reload it for later use into your new model.

That's what I thought. Do you know if there's a primitives library online to download?

Don't really know. The most "primitive" primitives are already in 123D design. I don't know what you are missing. For a tube for example you use a larger and a smaller cylinder and just extract one from the other. The same if you need a box - large box, small box, substract. If you need to center the parts exactly one above the other you can select the part and press shift-D.

The manual for 123D design said it had a primitive parts bin but was removed