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Grrrr Convert Mesh To Solid not working in 123D Design!!!!

by DeanMurray


I have seen this topic before, but not seen an answer.

If I download an STL from Thingiverse to incorporate into one of my own designs, I can't do anything with it, such as snap to object etc, unless it is converted to solid first. If I try and convert it to a solid 123D Design on PC always freezes or crashes.

I tried converting to solid in Meshmixer, then export as STL, but when I import that into 123D Design, it is imported as a mesh again. I double checked to make sure I was exporting the right object in Meshmixer, and I was.

Any help would be much appreciated

Mr M

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Trouble opening and importing files in 123D Desiand closing the

by Coat

Hey there. I am new to this group, but i'am glad there is still a users-group for 123D :)

Since a few weeks i have troubles opening and importing files in 123D. First time nothing happens, second time it works but after that again an opening-dialog appears (from the first try?) which you can cancel. Same for importing file. Also closing the program doesn't work anymore.
I'am not a paranoid person, but the problems appears the same time i installed Fusion 360... Is there a connection? or is it simply a windows-update?

I'am using:
Windows 10 (1809, up to date)
Ryzen 7 1700
123D design 2.2.14

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I went over to Fusion 360

by Dixon3dprinting

Hey Yall,

i moved over from 123d to fusion360 and i never understood why it was backwards and weird until i found Preferences / Pan,Tilt,zoom i switched it to Tinkercad and it operated just like 123d its make up looks a bit different but once you do your initial sketch you can build off that. this isnt a ploy to get you over there but if you were struggiling this was the huge step i was missing figured it may help someone else out.

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Is there a way to add new primitives such as a tube?

by BrooklynBay

I had to select a solid cylinder, then select a second solid cylinder, then use the alignment tool, then the subtract function to create a tube. Is there a way to add primitives such as a tube to the current library for future use? A threaded rod or an inside thread such as the one inside a nut would be helpful as well. I know that I could create my own library, save it on my computer then import it but I'm looking for a way to integrate it into the program.

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Docking odd shaped objects?

by Steamboat_Ed

Hi gang; I've got a design where one part connects to another with a bead-and-socket connector. The trick is to draw the thing such that the bead lines up correctly with its mating socket. I'd like to 'snap' the two together but snap only seems to work with flat surfaces. Is there a way to do this?

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Does anybody know if a Super Mouse Pro will work with 123D?

by BrooklynBay

Does anybody know if a 3D mouse/joystick such as a Supermouse Pro, Compact, Navigator or a Space Mouse will work with 123D Design or Tinkercad? Their website mentions Fusion 360 & Solidworks. The manufacturer never replied to my email. Sellers on EBay are clueless. A question posted on Amazon never had a reply either. There are several things posted by members such as covers, desktop palm wrests, etc so I know that many people have them or had them at one time.

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Snap group to object?

by Steamboat_Ed

Hi gang. I want to put four holes in a disk but they're arranged in a rectangular formation. Is there a way to snap the group of 'holes' so that they're aligned with the center of the disk?

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Noob help with hopefully simple 123D design issues... Please!

by regdog123

Hi Folks,

I hope this group is still active. I am a CAD noob. I am working on what I thought would be a first project in 123D design. It is a hoop to hold two soup cans together end to end. The piece is a circular clamp that would go around two soup cans with a rectangular piece that is split that has a screw to draw the two sides of the hoop together. The hoop would have a shallow track out of the middle to hold the protruding lips of the soup cans captive.

I have a couple major issues with trying to make this.

The first issue is centering things. I started with a cylinder, and I tried to center a circle in the cylinder to cut the cylinder into a hoop. I found no way to exactly position the circle in the center of the cylinder. I wound up doing it by looking at the x and y and I am off by a bit. I could not get it perfectly centered.

The second issue is cutting the little track out of the middle hoop the lips of the soup cans will rest in. That again, needs to be centered and the centering in this one is more critical because the track will not be very deep (the lips on the cans don't project out a lot). I am also not sure how to cut out just a track. I can cut out an entire slice like going from the cylinder to a hoop but I am not sure how to cut just a 1mm or less out of the center of the hoop.

If anybody could lend me a hand I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you!

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need some help with something that sounds really simple

by kaighn80

hi, so im trrying to combine a couple of gears (32 tooth and 16 tooth to produce a compound spur gear) from this thing or group of things? www.thingiverse.com/thing:2679950. problem is im having to scale up which is ok, but i cant seem to get the gears to align or stack so that i can combine them and print them as one solid object. any ideas on how to do this? ive tried google but that hasnt helped at all!

Grayson change gears
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