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Remember, there is more energy here than electricity. Just like a nuclear reactor converts radioactive material's potential energy to significant amounts of electrical energy with really no "investment energy" just reaction. The armature has weight from the material and magnets; spinning, there'
s angular momentum. The magnets have magnetic potential. That's energy. Without "more" energy, this system will spin down and come to a stop on it's own. But it will still spin for a while to reach the rest state. The permanent magnets will keep their potential for a reasonable amount of (geologic
) time. :) Add a small bit of extra energy at high speed and you satisfy the inertial resistance and you keep it moving. Depending on the design, there should be a point where the electricity generated by the magnets is greater than the amount needed to maintain the rotational speed of the devic
e. Take the extra off the top and there you go.

In all of this, design is key. Better materials, better magnets, better control circuits, optional cooling, better bearings... it all affects performance. But the bottom line is, there is no "free" energy here. Actually, I thought long and hard a
bout a more appropriate name for such a device and I am going with "Electro-kinetic Reactor." Because that's what is is.

A Reactor.

Anyhow. I hope to have a 3d printer soon and start an open-source project for this. None of us are smarter than all of us and if there is any practical use (or d
ebilitating flaw in theory) the community will be the ones to find it. Everyone is chomping at the bit to patent and profit from this and that puts them under intense scrutiny and pressure from society. This needs to be in everyone's hands and if it's a good idea, it will float to the top. If not
, it will disappear.

Sorry for the rant.

Oh, and awesome motor mattmoses! :)