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Hey all,

Figured a V2 update was in order after some significant progress today.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has continued to be interested in this project despite no real changes yet. I've been hard at work finishing up the V2 model - which is, in all regards, a SUBSTANTIALLY better design - and I'm finally at the point where I am test printing it.

What is taking so long?!:
My printer has been a piece of shit lately. Thankfully, with the recent release of Creawesome, I've been able to tighten up my prints DRAMATICALLY. For V2, I wanted to be SURE that everything fits before I put up the files, as I had to iterate on the V1 several times based off of some feedback.

What is V2?:
See the attached image for a visual reference. The V2 is stylistically and functionally an improvement on the design of V1, with the aesthetic design based off of a concept I made over a year and a half ago. It retains the forward-oriented ambidextrous charging handle of the V1, though the guides on the charging handle have been made significantly more durable and resilient (enough that it can, in fact, be safely printed from PLA and abused - like the REST of V2!). The internal dimensions have been refined so they don't block the slide release (an existing problem with V1) and the trigger guard has been overhauled so it doesn't interfere with the trigger guard on your HiCapa. In addition, there is now a secondary magazine retainer built into the receiver. This provides a "factory"-supplied angled foregrip, while allowing storage for another magazine. This only retains passively through friction at the moment, but later down the road, I intend to have this use active retention, much like your existing magazine release (because of this, I've designed the magazine retainer as an independently-printed component, so when the revision with active-retention is available, it will be a simple conversion of your original V2 kit). V2 will also be compatible with AEG M4-style buffer tubes and any supported style of stock.

When and where will it be available?:
I am expecting to release the final build of V2 here on Thingiverse on July 1st, 2019. Rather than completely replacing the V1 files or making a huge mess of the Thingiverse file tree for V1, I will be releasing it separately as its own different upload on Thingiverse. If you'd like to be alerted to it immediately when it's uploaded, you can follow me here. Additionally, I will be printing and selling kits through Etsy for those who don't have a printer capable of the job or just want to buy one instead of building one. These will initially be available in a low quantity for a short time to gauge interest. You can also email me at jokertoolworks@gmail.com if you would like to place a pre-order hold so you're one of the first to get a kit (no down payment required, simply say you'd like a hold and I'll email you when one is available for purchase). Pricing is still under consideration, but expect between $60-$120 depending on colors, materials, customizations, and so on.

Can I print the V1 and V2 kits and sell them myself?:
Yes! This project is fully open-source. I initially wanted to start this project because the market for carbine kits was so small, and I had an idea that it would be very interesting to see several different people selling these at varying levels of quality, pricing, and materials/medium used for production. All I ask is that if you DO print and sell them yourself, or even have a printing farm produce a bunch for you to sell, you link back to my Thingiverse post for the item in your description and credit those involved in your listing for the design.

Will I be able to print this on my 165x165mm printer?:
Unfortunately, no. While I've done my best to split the file up into reasonable chunks, you will need a printer with at least 230mm of Z clearance, as well as 160mm of clearance on the X and Y axiis (at least 160mm of diagonal on the bed). This project is built with 300x300mm (or at least 300x220mm) printers in mind, as they are rapidly becoming more popular and easier to obtain. Other people have expressed interest in uploading remixes designed for smaller printers to handle the job, and that's absolutely fine with me! But for the ones I'm printing, having as many pieces as possible be one solid part is going to be a necessity for durability.

Thanks for your patience!