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This is GREAT!! Thanks for making these and sharing them in such a public forum :) <3
As Bikecyclist mentioned, HOPEFULLY (common sense) easily engineered things such as this can (quickly) create a future in which such a disconnect exists between the accessible vs. non-accessible, or not not so easily accessible aspects within our society :) I TRULY believe it is the more able members of society whom have a greater responsibility to the lesser abled, to correct the "divergent" aspects of our society, both safely, & efficiently, rather than the differently abled members of society having to so strongly & vehemently having to fight so (ridiculously) hard to advocate for, & enable themselves. The changes, & foresight that is required are far to often needing change due to poor insight prior to building or creating something, & are (more often than not), such "easy," common sense applications. Elements like signs & notices with letters such a these, seem to me, such an integral application of something that is already needed, & that can be (should be), very easily integrated & applied...both during a potential upgrade or renovation, or building process. Too often, the "disabled" vs. the "ableist" dichotomy that currently exists (almost everywhere), just shouldn't be an issue, & practicality and actual application of creating an equal opportunity for accessibility should never come down to money & a generalized "lack of convenience" or lack of practicality for those whom have an ability to make the world a better place. We need to start seeing the many different needs of the many within our society, as an enhancement...& then properly amalgamate elements such as these letters, in to our lives. Applications such as this need to be EVERYWHERE possible (& practical...no need to put them on a stop sign, for example); we cannot afford to "just" wait & apply a resource only once it is requested a large number of times. Engineering such as this, will HOPEFULLY be applied to many, many areas within our society, in user friendly & easily accessible methods PRIOR to requestshaving to be made, and (often), lengthy periods prior to implementation, could be avoided. In my experience,
It would certainly allow a greater number of people to have autonomy & indepenence. SIMPLE things like this could help make life so much more accessible, pleasant, & so much less difficult for so many people within our society. Having a set "standard" placement / application, would also help immensely; allowing members of the public to easily & reliably locate the elements of their life that allow them to function more freely & even more quickly & efficiently, as well (& who doesn't want that?!?). The ableists & "gatekeepers" within our society are well over due, in picking up the slack, & in correcting & preventing the mistakes that generations before us, didn't have the ability, or foresight, to include or create within ALL of our "public" spaces.
(& I apologize for any grammatical errors / spelling mistakes...my keyboard or phone (perhaps both?), is acting up, and trying to create its own "new" set of rules for functionality, & is changing things, often times, after I hit "submit" or "send")

So, yes, thank you for making this (simple & effective) method of communication, available to all on a forum such as this one!