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I have been under the weather and no energy to look into my new LM since the last time I posted.

I was just hoping to find a checklist or a procedure to take it from calibration success onward to a successful test print.

I can't get it to print anything and the first layer doesn't seem to adhere to the bed. I attempted to use hairspray with no success.
It doesn't seem to help hold the filament on the bed. I am not very sure why it isn't at this point. I am pretty sure the bed temperature was correct from reading various other articles.

It has been several weeks since I've tried anything new though. I hope to get back to it in a few days

I had opened a ticket with Tevo support about 3-weeks ago. They finally responded yesterday to ask me what model printer I had (I included the order number which tells them which printer normally.) I assumed they'd look up my order.

From what I see I have zero hope of help from that direction it seems.

As for FB, I am not a member, I made a conscious privacy decision many years ago to not join. I really wish I could use that resource, but not enough to join.

Does anyone have a simple procedure written yet for the LM to get it finished after you build it to the point where it will print?

Is there some specific software (or even version of same) I should use? Can I grab some profile from one of you for a specific slicer to bootstrap everything?

I would then match the same version you use?

Thank you for your patience. I am a proud owner of a new LM that I can't seem to use, hah! I feel stupid but not afraid of being laughed at when asking for a clue or two.

Honestly I am only now getting to the point where I even care about it again (bad health) but I am very annoyed that I am not yet printing even though I have not been in my office for weeks. I have been thinking about not being able to even run a test print and that is certainly lame!

For those who actually read this, should I buy some sort of beginner printer and use that to get started? Is there a good "starter" approach that has enough simplicity and documentation to allow a neophyte to begin? I normally work for a living and don't have unlimited free time but not sure about the best way forward.

I could get some smaller cartesian(?) printer and follow some "how-to" and maybe if I am lucky be able to actually print so that I can learn everything else I need to.

I got the LM because I wanted to be able to print larger objects and nothing is wrong with it of course, it is just that I don't really know what I am doing, As for your useful information about slicer, I started reading the slicer manual closely again, and I was reading this link "Little Monster calibration and configuration in 5 steps" (see https://tevo-3d-printers.com/viewtopic.php?t=341 .) and was wondering how accurate the procedure is?

I am going to get a small cartesian and see how difficult it is to get that printing something then maybe gain some experience about how things go before I tackle the LM again. I am certain of one thing though, all this is due to my own lack of knowledge,

I appreciate any additional information I am sure anything will be useful to me as I get started. I am embarrassed that I could not get a test print working but when trying to learn by rote I guess that is what happens.

I will not be pushing this project as aggressively as I normally would in the past because I can see I am missing the entire underlying foundation of knowledge and am looking for a useful way to remedy that. If buying a smaller cartesian printer to begin with will help me learn what I am missing that would be great!

Thanks in advance!