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Hi, i have built this project, im using a cc/cv bench regulated adjustable power supply, my wire was a thicker gauge but i made it bigger and it measures 2 ohms, i know its low, but i can adjust constant current from 0-5 amps very precisely so i can drive it with a lot of current, i can get the levitator host up and see the graph and adjust my PID values etc and i am close to having it levitate, the only thing that im having issues with, the arduino firmware, after flashing it the serial monitor to 112500 baud etc, i open it and it says levitator firmware or what it supposed to say when you open the serial monitor, but when i type $$ or any other prompts listen in the firmware, the serial monitor doesn't respond, all it ever says is that first line, i am also using an arduino uno so im not sure if that has any effect, is this a issue that its not responding?also i cant get the auto standby/shutoff to work unless i reverse my magnet and hold it close to the sensor, I put a fluke multi meter across the sensor to read the voltage, when theirs no magnet it reads 2.5v when i bring the magnet close and the coil turns on and it starts to try to levitate the sensor reads 4.75-4.80 volts, then if i remove my magnet completely it reads around 4.96, so the magnetic field from the coil is holding it at full value, even if i bring active threshold down to 15 it still doesn't turn off unless i turn the magnet around and hold it up to the sensor, im confused it seems to me like the coil should bring the sensor one direction, and the magnet bring it the other, im using a circle n50 magnet with diameter of 15mm and thickness of about 3 mm. i couldn't order any parts online as i dont have a card or money so the hall effect sensor im using is a new released one from silabbs that they sent me free samples of its the Si7211-B-00-IV analog output hall effect sensor, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much!