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Note: I am new to 3d printing and these are some of my noob questions.
I am building a modified version of this hypercube and I want to make sure I am doing things right. I am thinking about using a 300x200mm heated bed. for the bed itself, is a pcb and aluminum sheet with insulation such as http://www.ebay.com/itm/300x200mm-Aluminum-Heated-Bed-Build-Plate-3D-Printer-RepRap-Prusa-i3-Full-Kit-/321998961595?hash=item4af8a23bbb:g:sA0AAOSwrFJZyU-3 be sufficient? Will a single z axis be able to support/move the bed and if so, what type of nema 17 motor will it require? If you recommend using dual z axis, how is the alignment? Also, any advice on using tmc 2100 stepper drivers? I am thinking about using these stepper drivers https://www.reprap.me/stepstick-tmc2100.html Will they use the same gcode as the a4988 drivers? Also, If I were to use igus bearings https://www.reprap.me/drylinr-igus-rj4jp-01-10-10mm-linear-bearing.html can I still use steel rods or do I have to use aluminum. I am considering using carbon fiber for the x gantry, does anyone have experience with cutting carbon fiber. How do these belts http://www.ebay.com/itm/2M-GATES-6mm-2GT-GT2-RF-Fiber-Glass-Reinforced-Rubber-Timing-Belt-for-3D-Printer-/141938661911?hash=item210c341a17:g:7IIAAOSwSzdXBOUN compare the polyurethane belts everyone is using. Does anyone have experience with a Radds 1.5 and arduino due configuration? How does that compare to the beaglbone and replicape combo? Has anyone run octoprint on a beaglebone, while using it as a controller board for a 3d printer? Can 24v psu run the stepper drivers at a higher speed while maintaining the same accuracy? Final question for now, how much does the weight of the x gantry affect print speed? Second to last question, does a higher holding torque motor mean higher speeds? I am trying to find ways to move the xgantry faster, which would result in faster printing speeds. If I were to use aluminum vs carbon rods, could I still get 200mm/s+ print speeds?

Thank you so much for taking the to read my questions