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A couple of small issues came up in playing with this and the Azteeg X5 mini that cascaded into major failures.

But first, how many steps/mm are you seeing with the Nimble assuming you have 32 microstep drivers and does the inversion of the Nimble change the sign of the actions (extrude and retract are now opposite)? In the short amount of time things were working, it seemed like retract commands were causing extrude actions. My extruder stepper was wired the same as my other 3 steppers, and all of them are doing 128 microsteps so I have to scale up by a factor of 4 and the nimble is geared 30:1

The hotend fan was not running which caused filament to melt higher in the body of the V6 causing it to plug. Trying to remove the V6 to work on it, I found that the heater block had welded itself to the bottom of the little shelf that makes up the bottom of the hotend fan mount. So I couldn't unscrew the heatsink as there is no way to go up and I couldn't unscrew the heater block as it was attached to the effector. Let's just say trying to break loose the heater block didn't go especially well for that hotend. I've trimmed down enough of that shelf so I could mount a second V6 with just enough space to see some light. It just didn't strike me, while assembling with that first V6, I was putting a heater block on plastic because everything was cold - I was more concerned that it was going to affect the piezo operation.

BTW: the panel opening is too wide for the 12 pin Molex connector so the wings don't clip in (I've made an embarassing hack to get this connector to stay in place. I pushed the connector up through the hole with the wings still below the surface and under the part of the wings that partially comes above the surface are very small holes - big enough to poke safety pins across under each wing thus keeping the connector from being pushed down and the ends of the wings keep it from coming up. Nice snug fit.)

The worst part of the disaster was self induced. Amid all the rats nest of loose wires and power supplies on the bench, turning the Delta frame a bit to get a better angle for reattaching the effector caused too much stress on the X5's micro USB connector leaving me with minimal Ethernet connectivity and a micro SD card to pass configuration back and forth to the X5. Still trying to sort out my best course of action to fix this - the first step is to walk away before I do any more damage today.