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I have added differential leaf gauge support to an experimental version of the model, which may be found here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2351153

The experimental parameters for the experimental version, may be found under "experimental-parameters" in the Customizer.

The differential leaf gauge feature in the experimental version of the model, works as follows:

  1. Specify a regular leaf gauge using the existing leaf gauge parameter, "hinge-parameters / Leaf Gauge".
  2. Use the differential gauge parameter, "experimental-parameters / Leaf Gauge Differential Offset", to specify a differential offset to the base leaf gauge.
  3. Positive values for "experimental-parameters / Leaf Gauge Differential Offset", will cause the female leaf to be thicker than the male. To create a thicker male leaf, use negative values for "experimental-parameters / Leaf Gauge Differential Offset".

In a case where you might want the gauge of one leaf to be 5mm, and the other to be 8mm (3mm higher than the thinner leaf), you would proceed as follows.

  1. Compute the regular gauge thickness, by calculating the average of the thick and thin leaf gauges. leaf_gauge = (5+8)/2 = 6.5mm.
  2. Compute the differential offset from the regular leaf gauge calculated in step one, by calculating the delta between the thick and thin leaf gauges. differential_gauge_offset = (8-5)/2 = 1.5mm.
  3. Set "hinge-parameters / Leaf Gauge" to 6.5mm.
  4. Set "experimental-parameters / Leaf Gauge Differential Offset" to 1.5mm. Because the value is positive, the female leaf will be 8mm, and the male leaf will be 5mm. To make the male 8mm and the female 5mm, simply set "experimental-parameters / Leaf Gauge Differential Offset" to the negative value, -1.5mm.


  • The reason for the less intuitive approach of using an offset to the existing leaf gauge, as opposed to the more intuitive approach of just using two parameters to specify the male and female leaf gauges independently, was to more conveniently integrate with the existing math, without making to many changes to the code.
  • There are some rendering artifacts that appear in the fastener holes in the Customizer. These should not be present in the STL file or the prints that you make from the model. They are just imaging artifacts caused by SCG boundary overlaps in the model. I'll fix this for the sake aesthetics, at some point.
  • I have not gotten round to adding support for knuckle gussets on differential leaf gauges. So you won't be able to use knuckle gussets with uneven leaf gauges. I'll get to it eventually! ;)
Experimental Parametric Hinge