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Hmm, same result with Marlin RC8.

Here is full log -

echo:Marlin 1.1.0-RC8

echo: Last Updated: 2016-12-06 12:00 | Author: (none, default config)
Compiled: Jan 11 2017
echo: Free Memory: 3529 PlannerBufferBytes: 1168
echo:Hardcoded Default Settings Loaded
echo:Steps per unit:
echo: M92 X655.36 Y655.36 Z40960.00 E6953.59
echo:Maximum feedrates (mm/s):
echo: M203 X50.00 Y50.00 Z1.00 E5.00
echo:Maximum Acceleration (mm/s2):
echo: M201 X300 Y300 Z1 E17
echo:Accelerations: P=printing, R=retract and T=travel
echo: M204 P150.00 R17.00 T300.00
echo:Advanced variables: S=Min feedrate (mm/s), T=Min travel feedrate (mm/s), B=minimum segment time (ms), X=maximum XY jerk (mm/s), Z=maximum Z jerk (mm/s), E=maximum E jerk (mm/s)
echo: M205 S0.00 T0.00 B20000 X5.00 Y5.00 Z0.01 E0.10
echo:Home offset (mm)
echo: M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00
echo:Material heatup parameters:
echo: M145 S0 H180 B42 F0
M145 S1 H180 B42 F0
echo:PID settings:
echo: M301 P25.35 I2.22 D72.27
echo: M304 P155.27 I30.36 D198.53
echo:Filament settings: Disabled
echo: M200 D3.00
echo: M200 D0
echo:SD card ok
echo:SD card ok
echo:enqueueing "M23 3dbenc~1.gco"
echo:enqueueing "M24"
echo:Now fresh file: 3dbenc~1.gco
File opened: 3dbenc~1.gco Size: 4697928
File selected
T:141.1 /0.0 B:35.0 /42.0 @:0 B@:0 W:?
T:139.9 /0.0 B:34.8 /42.0 @:0 B@:127 W:?
T:138.8 /0.0 B:35.0 /42.0 @:0 B@:127 W:?
T:137.7 /0.0 B:35.3 /42.0 @:0 B@:127 W:?
T:136.6 /0.0 B:35.7 /42.0 @:0 B@:127 W:?
T:135.4 /0.0 B:36.3 /42.0 @:0 B@:127 W:?
T:209.1 /208.0 B:42.1 /42.0 @:73 B@:33 W:0
echo:busy: processing
X:120.00 Y:120.00 Z:5.00 E:0.00 Count X: 78643 Y:78643 Z:204800
X:120.00 Y:120.00 Z:0.00 E:0.00 Count X: 78643 Y:78643 Z:0
X:120.00 Y:120.00 Z:15.00 E:0.00 Count X: 78643 Y:78643 Z:2
X:120.00 Y:120.00 Z:15.00 E:0.00 Count X: 78643 Y:78643 Z:8
...Arduino locks up...

I just tried again with no heatbed, lockup.
Printing from SD card, printing from Pronterface, same difference.

Try a different arduino? Maybe move to Marlin forum.

Maybe a different firmware?